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The Evolution of Vini Vici: A Journey through Progressive Psytrance

Vini Vici, the Israeli DJ and producer duo has taken the electronic music scene by storm. Their music is characterized by infectious beats and energetic performances and captivates audiences globally. They have solidified themselves as pioneers in the genre.

This blog will take you on a journey through the evolution of Vini Vici, from their humble beginnings to their rise to stardom. Prepare to dive into the world of progressive psytrance with Vini Vici!


About Dj Vini Vici

Where Was Vini Vici Born?

Both members of the Vini Vici DJ duo were born in Afula, Israel. Matan Kadosh was born on August 1, 1983 and Aviram Saharai was born on November 2, 1985.

Who Is Dj Vini Vici?

Vini Vici is a music project formed by Matan Kadosh and Aviram Saharai that originated from the group Sesto Sento. The Sento Sento group was operational until 2011 when Spector left. In 2013, the remaining members chose to continue producing music as a duo under the name Vini Vici.

How Old Are They?

As of 2023, Matan Kadosh is 39 years old and Aviram Saharai is 37 years old.

Where Vini Vici Lives?

According to their Facebook page, they live in Tel Aviv, Israel. However, they usually travel to various countries for events and festivals.

Where Are They From?

The two Vini Vici DJs are from Afula, Israel.

What’s Vini Vici’s Real Name?

Vini Vici is the stage name of Matan Kadosh and Aviram Saharai.


Vini Vici’s Family

Who are Vini Vici Members’ Wives?

Details about their wives are extremely scanty. They disclosed in a past interview that they’re both married. Again, their Instagram posts indicate that their wives are very supportive of their music careers.

How Vini Vici Met Their Wives?

It’s not known how these artists met their spouses.

When Did Vini Vici Get Married?

Though it’s not known when Aviram Saharai got married, his colleague, Matan Kadosh married Lovely Dina in August 2015. This is according to a post on their Facebook Page.

Their Children

There is no publicly available information about their children. However, this isn’t a justification that they don’t have children. They may have them but probably decided to keep their personal lives private.


Starting Vini Vici Music Career

When Did Vini Vici Start DJing?

The group started DJing in 2001 under the name of Sesto Sento, along with Itai Spector, who left the group in 2011. They changed their name to Vini Vici in 2013.

How Did Vini Vici Get Their Stage Name?

The Vini Vici stage name is a slight alteration of the “Veni, Vidi, Vici” term which means “I came, I saw, I conquered” in Latin. It reflects their vision of conquering the world of psytrance music and bringing it to new audiences around the globe. It was first used by Julius Caesar to mark his success in the field.

When Did Vini Vici Become Famous?

They became famous in 2015 when their track “The Tribe” became a hit in the psytrance scene and was played by many EDM DJs.

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Is Vini Vici The Best Dj Duo?

That is a subjective question that depends on personal taste and preference. However, some people may think that they are the best DJ duo because they have won several awards and nominations. Some of their awards/nominations include the Beatport Awards, the International Dance Music Awards, and the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs.


The Popularity of Vini Vici

How Did Vini Vici Become Famous?

Vini Vici gained international recognition by producing psytrance music that merges world music and electronic rock. Their career started as Sesto Sento in 2001, then changed their name to Vini Vici in 2013. In 2015, they released “The Tribe”, which featured on their debut album Future Classics.

They gained more fame by collaborating with Armin van Buuren and Hilight Tribe in the global hit “Great Spirit.” They collaborated with other notable performers and established their psytrance label Alteza Records. Vini Vici was ranked as the top psytrance performers on Beatport, and they’ve performed at various global events.

Why Is Vini Vici So Popular?

Vini Vici’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. Their unique style that blends psytrance with world music and ethnic elements creates a distinctive sound that appeals to a wide audience. Their high-energy performances engage the crowd and create a positive atmosphere, making them a hit at festivals worldwide.

Collaborating with renowned artists from various genres indicates their versatility and adaptability in the music industry. Besides, their loyal fan base supports them across social media platforms, boosting their presence as trendsetters.

What Is Vini Vici’s Most Famous Song?

The duo has produced several popular tracks throughout their career. However, their most famous song is probably “Great Spirit.” It reached the top 5 on Beatport and garnered over one million views in less than a month.

The song is a collaboration with Armin van Buuren and Hilight Tribe. It exceptionally features a blend of psytrance, ethnic elements, and world music. It received gold certification and cemented Vini Vici’s position as top performers in the psytrance genre.


Vini Vici and Music Production

What Does Vini Vici Use To Make Music?

They use various hardware and software tools to make music. Their unique sound is attributed to a combination of synthesizers, drum machines, MIDI controllers, and audio interfaces. Others are monitors, headphones, and microphones among others.

What DAW (Software) Does Vini Vici Use?

They use Ableton Live 10 as their main Digital Audio Workstation.

In What Styles Of Music Does Vini Vici Make Tracks?

They mainly make tracks in the style of psytrance. However, they also incorporate elements from other genres such as electronica, electronic rock, big room, hardstyle, and more. This in turn brings about the uniqueness in their tracks.


Vini Vici Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where Is Vini Vici Playing?

The Israeli duo has 4 upcoming events before the year closes. One of their performances is expected at the DreamState Festival 2023. This event will take place in Long Beach, CA, US from Friday 17th November, 2023 to Saturday 18th November, 2023. Dates and venues for the other events are available on the Songkick website.

How Much Does Vini Vici Charge Per Show?

It’s estimated that Vini Vici charge between $50,000 and $100,000 per show. However, this may vary depending on the location, duration, and type of event. Accurate information about custom shows is available by contacting their manager through their website.


Vini Vici and Ghost Producers

What Does Vini Vici Think About Ghost Production?

According to a past interview, they think that ghost production is a common practice in the music industry. They said to respect artists who choose to use ghost producers. They also said that they do not use ghost producers because they enjoy making music and expressing themselves through it.

Does Vini Vici Have A Ghost Producer?

No, they do not have a ghost producer. They make their music and have been doing so since they started their career as Sesto Sento. They also said that they are open to collaborations and learning from other producers. However, they don’t rely on anyone else to make their music.


Final Thoughts

Vini Vici is a unique duo that has taken the world of psytrance by storm. Their sound innovations have created a style that appeals to fans from different music genres. Their captivating live performances and collaborations with renowned artists have further increased their fan base across the world.

Furthermore, their social media presence keeps them connected with their loyal supporters. As Vini Vici continues to evolve, they remain an influential force in the industry for many years to come.