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The Most-Streamed Song on Spotify: A Deep Dive into the Global Phenomenon

In this era of streaming music, where millions of songs are at our fingertips, it’s fascinating to uncover the most listened-to song on one of the biggest music platforms, Spotify. With its vast user base and extensive catalog, Spotify is the perfect platform to analyze the preferences and tastes of music listeners worldwide.

In this blog post, we uncover the 10 most listened-to songs on Spotify, which reflect the diverse and ever-changing landscape of music consumption.


1. Ric Flair Drip

One of the most dominant genres in recent years is hip-hop, and it is no surprise that many of the most listened-to tracks on Spotify fall into this category. Among the top tracks is “Ric Flair Drip” by Offset and Metro Boomin. It’s the most listened-to song on Spotify by July 2023.

The song features a repetitive hook that sees the rappers repeat “Drip, drip, woo” repeatedly, referencing Ric Flair’s signature “Woo!” catchphrase. The verses are filled with boasts about money, luxury cars, and designer clothes, all delivered with an impressive flow and skill from Offset.

Metro Boomin’s production is tight, with a minimalist, bass-heavy beat that keeps the energy high throughout the track. Since its release, “Ric Flair Drip” has been a fan favorite and a staple on many party playlists. Its popularity on Spotify is a testament to its infectious sound and undeniable appeal. This track is the most played on Spotify, with over 1.2 billion streams as of July 2023.


2. Ghostface Killers

Another hit collaboration that has taken the streaming world by storm is “Ghostface Killers” by Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage, along with collaborators Offset and Metro Boomin. The song is the opening track on their collaborative album “Without Warning” and features vocals from Travis Scott. The song begins with Metro Boomin’s signature producer tag and opens with 21 Savage’s verse, followed by Offset and Travis Scott’s verses, respectively.

The song’s beat is slow and menacing, with a haunting piano melody and heavy bass. It provides the perfect backdrop for the rappers to deliver their verses, which are filled with references to drug dealing, violence, and their luxurious lifestyles. The track has received critical acclaim and has become a fan favorite, with its popularity on streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify attesting to its enduring appeal.



FNZ and Finatik N Zac produced the track by Denzel Curry, which features a slow, ominous beat with a dark piano melody and heavy bass. The song’s title is a play on words, with “Mad I Got It” sounding like “Mad 1 Got 1T”.

In the song, Curry delivers haunting, introspective verses that touch on self-doubt, depression, and isolation. He also references the music-making process and the music industry’s struggles. The track has been well-received by critics, who praise its introspective lyrics and haunting production. Its inclusion in popular playlists and its growing popularity on social media platforms have contributed to its standing as one of the most listened-to songs on Spotify.


4. A$AP Forever

Released in 2018, A$AP Forever remix is the second track from Rocky’s third studio album, “Testing.” The song is a remix of Rocky’s previous track “A$AP Forever” and features a slowed-down sample of Moby’s “Porcelain.” It was exceptionally crafted by the American rapper A$AP Rocky, featuring Moby, T.I., and Kid Cudi.

The remix adds new verses from T.I. and Kid Cudi in addition to Rocky’s original verses. The song’s production features heavy bass, a slow, trippy beat, and psychedelic, dreamlike sounds that create a haunting, atmospheric vibe. “A$AP Forever REMIX” has been well-received by critics, who praise the remix’s additions and the collaboration between the four artists involved.


5. Midnight

One artist who has consistently made a mark on Spotify is Logic, whose song “Midnight” is a standout track. It was released in March 2018 as the seventh track from his sixth mixtape Bobby Tarantino II. The song is hip-hop, with two parts with different beats. The first part is a chorus where Logic raps about his lifestyle and success, while the second part is a verse where he boasts about his achievements and skills.

The song was produced by Ging and 6ix, frequent collaborators of Logic. The song also samples The Way I Am by Eminem, a 2000 rap song that influenced Logic’s style. The song has over 13 million views on YouTube as of July 2023.


6. Still Serving

The song by 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin from their collaborative album Without Warning was released in 2017. The hip-hop song features rappers boasting about their wealth, lifestyle, and criminal activities. The song also references 21 Savage’s uncle, who is still involved in drug dealing at an old age.

This track has an exceptionally dark and menacing tone, with a haunting beat produced by Metro Boomin. The song has tens of million streams on Spotify. The song is one of the album’s highlights, which received positive reviews from critics and fans.


7. No Bystanders

Travis Scott’s “No Bystanders” is another hip-hop hit that has gained significant traction on Spotify. The song is a fan favorite and has received critical acclaim for its high energy and distinctive sound.

Known for his energetic performances and innovative production, Travis Scott creates an immersive experience in “No Bystanders” that resonates with the crowd. The song’s catchy chorus and powerful verses make it a favorite among Spotify listeners. “NO BYSTANDERS” is an important track in Travis Scott’s discography, showcasing his unique sound and style and cementing his status as one of hip-hop’s most exciting and innovative artists.


8. Unforgettable

Taking a different direction, “Unforgettable” by French Montana and Swae Lee is a blend of hip-hop and pop that has captured the attention of a broad audience. It features production from Jaegen and 1Mind and has a catchy beat that is easy to dance to. The song was well-received by fans and has achieved multi-platinum status, with over 1 billion streams on Spotify alone.

“Unforgettable” was one of the most popular songs on the platform in the summer of 2017 and has remained a fan favorite ever since. The music video for the track has been viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube, cementing its place as one of the most successful songs of the decade. Recently, the track achieved diamond certification from the RIAA, indicating that it has sold over 10 million units in the US.


9. “I” by Lil Skies

Another rising star in hip-hop is Lil Skies, with his song “I” gaining significant traction on Spotify. Released in 2019 as the second single from his debut studio album “Shelby,” the song features Danny Wolf), Cubeatz, and Othello production. The lyrics of the track touch upon Skies’ experiences with love and personal struggles, along with other memories.

The song was well-received by fans and had over 100 million views on YouTube. Lil Skies is an American rapper from Pennsylvania who gained popularity with his mixtape “Life of a Dark Rose.” Known for his melodic and introspective approach, Lil Skies captivates listeners with his lyricism and emotional depth.


10.  Narcos

Finally, we have “Narcos” by Migos, another hit that rounds out the list of most listened-to songs on Spotify. Known for their energetic flow and catchy hooks, Migos has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. “Narcos” showcases their unique style and ability to captivate audiences with infectious beats and clever lyrics.


Final Thoughts

The immense popularity and influence of hip-hop in today’s music are evident from the most streamed songs on Spotify, with artists like Offset, 21 Savage, Lil Skies, and Metro Boomin dominating the charts alongside others. Their music connects with audiences worldwide due to its catchy hooks, infectious beats, and thought-provoking lyrics, placing these tracks at the top of Spotify’s charts.

The data-driven analysis provides insights into listeners’ preferences, illustrating the diversity and dynamism of the music industry. You can also have your tracks topping various lists and playlists on Spotify and other music streaming sites. This is possible for both ghost-produced songs and self-created tracks. The most important is to have high-quality tracks satisfactory to various listeners.

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