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Top Tips How to Get Your First Followers on SoundCloud

Top Tips How to attract Your First Followers at SoundCloud

It doesn’t matter whether you are a musician, artist, or music enthusiast. If you have any relation to music, it is likely that you are willing to share it with the whole world. For that purpose SoundCloud is one of the most well-known music sharing platforms that will definitely help you to reach a wider audience.
The platform gives a chance for easy interaction between musicians and their listeners. As a matter of fact, SoundCloud is a dedicated social network that brings music producers and music listeners together. Thus both of them can admire music and access content before it hits the shelves of virtual recordings.
However, if you’re a freshman at SoundCloud family and dream of creating and distributing content over the web, you have to attract subscribers. As you can see at other major technology platforms, it could be tricky to get your first subscribers out of 200 million active users. In this very article, we’ll share with you a list of tips on how to generate your first listeners.

Focus on styling and formatting your profile


Properly set up your Soundcloud account

Although many marketing courses highly recommend buying followers for the right start, it is better to begin with the correct setting up of your account. As a result this will naturally bring you tons of followers. Come up with a creative username or nick. Keep in mind to make it trendy and inventive enough to impress those who visit your account.

Correct your bio info

Your bio must be well written and free of grammatical errors. Start your bio with a short and exciting introduction that welcomes everyone who visits your page and makes the visitor acquainted with music to be expected. Get rid of telling every little detail of your life in the biography. Keeping things simple and laconic will make a larger impression and generate more subscribers.

Upload a quality profile picture

The image of your profile serves as a visual representation of your music and you as an artist. Generally, people are primarily impressed by what they see, and then what they hear. Your profile picture could appear to be your photo or the cover of your latest track or album. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s pixel-peepable and made by a professional.

Download music of a high quality

Music is the backbone basis of your profile. Upload your works regularly in good quality with well-made covers. Make remixes of popular tracks of famous artists and upload them to your profile. Such actions will also attract new listeners and subscribers. If you write mixes, post tracklists, as other artists are included into the description. Thus your mixes will easier and more often appear in the search.
By the way, even if you do not plan to make your own music yet, you can use our store of ready-made music tracks. The procedure is as simple as a pie: you buy a track and get full commercial copyrights to it so you could sign it with your name. Such a track is ready to be uploaded to a SoundCloud account for your audience to promote and listen to. Take advantage of such an effective tool to accelerate the attraction of new subscribers.

Focus on your music presentation

It goes without saying that you need a quality cover for every track or album. A cover picture gives your music a visual attraction and helps to build a bond with your followers – just like a profile picture. Seek help from a graphic designer who can help you with attractive artwork pieces, or search online by yourself if you can’t afford the services of a graphic designer professional yet.

Mini contests? Great idea!

Make a lot of posts in all your social networks and platforms, clarify the contest conditions and mind including a link to your SoundCloud account. This is one of the most effective ways to naturally attract new subscribers. Moreover, it can cost you either for free or for the amount of prize you have prepared for the winners. It’s worth it to get new listeners and subscribers anyway.

Use different social media platforms


Promote your SoundCloud profile on other platforms

Social media is the best way to promote yourself online. If you use any of the most popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you should link all of these platforms to your SoundCloud account. You are more likely to get subscribers from a link hosted on these media platforms if you already have a bunch of fans there.
Text your friends and ask them to retweet, repost or share your SoundCloud link and music on their various social media platforms. The more they share the link to your SoundCloud page, the more visitors will check out your profile and the more followers you will gain. Remember to always post a SoundCloud link to your new and old projects, fun posts about your activity, and chat regularly with your friends on these popular platforms. This is one of the best ways to get regular followers.

Use music blogs

Music blogs are the closest social media platform for advertising in the world of art. Posting to a popular blog can effectively increase the number of your subscribers and help you to attract attention to your artistic personality. It is highly important as you are new to SoundCloud and are trying to promote your account as efficiently as possible. It would work out if you focus on small niche blogs that gather together artists making music that is specific to your genre.
Although such blogs are not among the interests of a wide audience like large and reputable blogs, they are often willing to place their bets on a lesser-known artist. It will save you a lot of money and could bring your first set of SoundCloud subscribers. Before submitting your application to the site, include a link to your SoundCloud account and a short explanation of who you are and why you want your music to appear on their site.

Be active on music forums on the Internet

Be active on any music platform you belong to. Add an active link to your platform account page in your profile description and signature under your posts. Pay attention to some of the largest music forums to expand your music reach. Be smart not to impose your opinions on others and not to force them to check your SoundCloud profile or follow you and subscribe to your account. If people get interested in what you write on the forum, they will certainly take a look at your profile and follow the link to your SoundCloud.

Take advantage of the main useful features of SoundCloud platform


Set up the ability to download music only after subscription

This is a good-working method of getting subscriptions if you offer really high-quality and exclusive material. If you correspond with it, be sure the listeners will have a great desire to subscribe to you, download a music track and then not unsubscribe from your account. It is also possible to set up downloading only after a like or repost of your track, album or mix.

Tag other users in the distribution of music by subscription

There is one safe and proven method you can tag people on Soundcloud. That is a classic way to start a comment with the @ symbol and then start typing the username of those in the platform. This is a useful tool when you collaborate with other artists. It means that you can include everyone involved in the collaboration in the distribution of the track after subscription, and they can also include you in theirs. This method is a creative way to get followers several times faster.

Use tags

Tags are critical in making your music searchable on SoundCloud platform and help you to achieve your goals. After you’ve released your music track, make sure to use the correct and popular tags so that people can find your music. The target tag list should be short, trendy, and informative. This makes it relatively easy to find your music.



Invite listeners to subscribe to your profile

Sometimes you don’t get what you want because you don’t ask for it. Add a call to action line to your bio urging the visitor to like, repost, and subscribe to your account. It is likely that people will comply with your request when you ask them. General politeness plays a great role in building your fan base.

Make interactions with other SoundCloud users

Always stay tuned for new profiles. When you sign up for new profile accounts, chances are they’ll appreciate the gesture and will likely follow you as a token of gratitude as well.

Collaborate with other artists

Give a shot in working with artists that are interesting to you. Collaboration can be a great way to expand your base and make great music. If you do this, you are to double your normal listeners amount. Be sure to include an active link to your profile in collaboration. This will help you get the recognition and subscribers it deserves.


These tips will help you to attract your first subscribers and get the most out of the SoundCloud platform. Don’t forget to use other methods of generating new subscribers as well, which you can find out in other articles of our blog. Only by making the most of the platform’s toolkit potential will you achieve good results. Of course, you need to do this regularly and your success will not make you wait for it long!