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Unleashing the Sound: Exploring the Electric World of DJ Quintino

With over a decade of experience, Quintino has become a driving force in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. He’s known for his infectious energy and undeniable stage presence. Quintino captivates audiences around the globe with his unique blend of progressive, electro, and big-room house beats. Hailing from the Netherlands, he has earned his place among the EDM elite, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry.

In this article, we’ll explore the electrifying sound that he brings to life through his chart-topping releases. From his early beginnings in the industry to his evolution as a producer, we’ll uncover the secrets behind his success.


About Dj Quintino

Where Was Quintino Born?

Quintino was born in Den Helder, Netherlands on September 21, 1985.

Who Is Dj Quintino?

DJ Quintino is a Dutch DJ and record producer who has been making music since 2003. He’s known for his electro house, EDM, and big-room house styles. Quintino has also collaborated with artists like Tiësto, Afrojack, and Hardwell. He has also released several successful singles and remixes, such as “Epic”, “Go Hard”, and “Soundwave”. He is currently ranked as the 33rd-best DJ in the world by DJ Magazine.

How old is he?

As of August 2023, Quintino is 37 years old. He’ll celebrate his 38th birthday on September 21, 2023.

Where does DJ Quintino Live?

According to his Facebook page, DJ Quintino is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he was born and raised. He also has a studio there, where he produces his music and hosts his radio show.

However, he might also have homes in other countries, as he is constantly touring and playing at different events around the world. For example, he has performed in the US, Spain, Italy, Germany, and many other places. He might also visit or stay in places where he has friends or collaborators, such as Afrojack, Tiësto, Hardwell, and Nervo.

Where is he from?

Quintino is from the Netherlands, a country in Western Europe.

What’s DJ Quintino Real Name?

DJ Quintino’s real name is Quinten van den Berg.


Quintino’ Family

Who Is DJ Quintino Wife?

There is no information about DJ Quintino’s wife or marital status. He seems to keep his personal life private and focus on his music career.

His Children?

There is no information available about DJ Quintino’s children either. He likes to keep his personal life private and focus on his music career.


Starting Quintino’s Music Career

When Did DJ Quintino Start DJing?

DJ Quintino started DJing in 2003 when he was 18 years old. He was discovered by Dutch DJ Laidback Luke, who helped him develop his skills and gain exposure. He has been making music ever since and has become one of the most popular and successful DJs in the world.

How Did DJ Quintino Get His Stage Name?

DJ Quintino’s stage name is derived from his real name, Quinten van den Berg. He chose to use his first name, “Quinten,” and added the letter “o” at the end, resulting in the name “Quintino.” This became his unique and recognizable stage name as a DJ.

When Did DJ Quintino Become Famous?

DJ Quintino became famous in 2011 when he released his remix of the Brazilian hit “Rap Das Armas” and his collaboration with Sandro Silva, “Epic”. These two tracks were very successful in the Netherlands and other countries and established Quintino as a rising star in the electro-house and EDM scene. He also co-produced the Afrojack track “Selecta” that same year, which further boosted his popularity.

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Is Quintino The Best Dj?

It is subjective to say whether Quintino is the best DJ. Quintino is a well-known Dutch DJ and producer who has achieved success and recognition in the industry. He has been ranked in the Top 100 DJs list multiple times and has released notable tracks.

However, the assessment of whether he is the best DJ is a matter of personal opinion and can vary depending on individual preferences and tastes in music. Ultimately, the “best” DJ is subjective and can differ from person to person.


The Popularity of Quintino

How Did DJ Quintino Become Famous?

Quintino gained fame through his early career, marked by DJing at local clubs and participating in competitions. His breakthrough came with collaborations and remixes, working with established artists and record labels. Notable tracks like “Rap das Armas” and “Selecta” showcased his talent.

His success on the charts, with tracks charting in various countries, contributed to his rising fame. Consistently ranking in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list solidified his reputation. Known for his energetic performances, Quintino captivates crowds with high-energy sets and engaging live shows.

Why Is DJ Quintino So Popular?

DJ Quintino is popular due to his exceptional talent and skill as a DJ and record producer. Notable releases like his remixes of “Rap das Armas” and original tracks like “Selecta” have resonated with audiences. His chart success, both nationally and internationally, has further boosted his popularity.

Quintino’s energetic and engaging live performances captivate crowds and create memorable experiences. Consistently ranking in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list solidifies his recognition and increases his fan base.

What Is DJ Quintino’s Most Famous Song?

DJ Quintino has several famous songs, but one of his most notable tracks is “Rap das Armas.” This track gained widespread recognition and popularity, especially after he released his house remix of the trap track in 2009. “Rap das Armas” helped establish Quintino as a rising star in the EDM scene and remains one of his most iconic and well-known songs.


Quintino and Music Production

What Does DJ Quintino Use To Make Music?

The Dutch DJ and record producer uses various tools and equipment to make music. He uses a laptop computer, a keyboard controller, a smartphone, a digital audio workstation, and a software synthesizer.

What DAW (Software) Does DJ Quintino Use?

During an interview with DJ Magazine, Quintino revealed that he utilizes FL Studio as his preferred digital audio workstation.

In What Styles Of Music Does DJ Quintino Make Tracks?

DJ Quintino makes tracks in various styles of music, such as electro house, EDM, Dutch house, progressive house, big room house, and trap. He is known for his energetic and catchy tunes that make people dance and have fun. These are some of the styles of music that DJ Quintino makes tracks in, but he may also experiment with other genres and influences.


Quintino Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where Is DJ Quintino Playing?

Unfortunately, this DJ isn’t touring currently and does not have any upcoming concerts this year. It’s possible that he decided to concentrate on creating more tracks or is engaged in some personal/family activities.

How Much Does DJ Quintino Charge Per Show?

DJ Quintino’s booking fee depends on various factors, such as the date, location, and market activity of the event. However, based on some of the sources, his booking fee ranges from $25,000 to $39,999 for U.S. dates.

For other dates, his booking fee may vary depending on the country and currency. To get a more accurate and updated quote, you would need to contact his booking agent or manager directly.


Quintino and Ghost Producers   

What Does DJ Quintino Think About Ghost Production?

There are allegations of DJ Quintino using ghost producers for some of his tracks which he neither admitted nor denied. Failure by the DJ to comment on the issue of ghost production makes it hard to say what he thinks about it.

Does DJ Quintino Have A Ghost Producer?

Despite the rumors about Quintino using ghost producers, there is no definitive proof or confirmation from him or his alleged ghost producers. Therefore, it is hard to say for sure if he has a ghost producer.


Final Thoughts

DJ Quintino is an acclaimed and well-known DJ, record producer, and live performer. From his chart success to his performances at various festivals and clubs, he has established himself as a major player in the EDM scene.

His most famous song is his remix of “Rap das Armas,” but he also produces music in various other styles such as Dutch house, big room house, electro house, progressive house, and trap. Although there are rumors that he uses ghost producers for some of his tracks, there is no definitive proof to confirm this.