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Unleashing Your Music’s Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to United Masters

In the dynamic realm of the industry, solo authors and emerging authors face a blend of unparalleled opportunities and distinctive challenges. The classic gatekeepers have been disrupted, enabling authors to directly engage with their audience. Amidst this transformative landscape, United Masters has emerged as a prominent platform, arming authors with the tools to seize control of their careers. This article delves deep into the essence of United Masters, uncovering its origins, functionality, ownership, usability, and cost, providing aspiring musicians with a comprehensive manual for navigating this revolutionary platform.


What is United Masters and how does it work?

At its core, United Masters is a music distribution platform designed to empower independent artists, equipping them with resources, technological prowess, and a global reach akin to major record labels. It offers an alternative approach to music allocation, granting authors ownership of their work while leveraging state-of-the-art technology and strategic partnerships.

United Masters functions on a simple premise: artists maintain control over their creative output while leveraging the website’s services to allocate, market, and monetize their tracks. Through a user-friendly dashboard, artists can upload their tracks and albums.


Where is United Masters based and located?

The brainchild of Steve Stoute, United Masters was founded with the intent to empower artists by endowing them with tools and data to prosper independently. The company’s headquarters are situated in San Francisco, California. This strategic choice of location aligns with the innovative spirit of the tech hub, allowing United Masters to harness technology to reshape the allocation base.


Who owns United Masters?

United Masters was established by Steve Stoute, who currently serves as the CEO. Steve Stoute’s entrepreneurial triumph and profound influence in the industry make him a pivotal figure in shaping the platform’s artist-centric philosophy. It’s crucial to note that United Masters operates as a separate firm, ensuring that authors utilizing the platform retain ownership and control over their musical creations.


How to use United Masters?

United Masters is designed to be user-friendly, catering to artists of varying levels of expertise. Here’s a simple manual to embarking on your United Masters journey:

Registration: Make an account on the United Masters website or app.

Track Adding: Upon registration, commence uploading your releases, encompassing tracks and albums, via the website’s dashboard.

Customization: Personalize your tracks by adding key details such as tags, artwork, and genre. These details are instrumental in effectively organizing and marketing your musical offerings.

Allocation Channels: Choose the websites through which you wish to make your tracks available. United Masters ensures global listeners for your creations.

Monetization and Insights: United Masters presents authors with diverse monetization options, including prospects for ad placements and soundtrack inclusions. Furthermore, the platform furnishes insights into listener demographics and engagement trends, facilitating the refinement of your promotion strategy.

Promotion: The website extends promotional tools to heighten the visibility of your tracks. This can encompass playlist placements, social media advertising, and more.


How much does United Masters cost?

One of United Masters’ appealing attributes lies in its accessibility to authors across financial spectrums. They offer both free and premium plans, accommodating authors’ individual requirements and ambitions.

Free Plan: Under the free plan, authors can allocate their tracks to major platforms without incurring any charges. Artists retain 90% of their royalties, while United Masters retains a 10% commission.

Select Plan (Premium): United Masters also presents a premium plan called the “Select Plan.” This plan necessitates an annual subscription fee but confers several benefits to artists. These include elevated royalty rates (up to 100%), expedited payouts, and priority support.


What platforms does United Masters distribute to?

United Masters has emerged as a transformative force for solo authors aiming to expand their presence across diverse broadcasting and downloading websites. Their allocation capabilities encompass some of the most prominent and influential online tools available. Authors utilizing United Masters can expect their tracks to be disseminated on websites like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, and numerous others. This wide-reaching distribution network ensures that your music can be accessed by an assorted audience with varying preferences for platforms.


Where does United Masters distribute to?

One of the most significant advantages offered by United Masters is its global outreach. The platform does not confine its distribution to specific regions or territories; instead, it strives to connect artists with listeners from around the world. This global approach opens doors for artists to tap into previously untapped markets and cultivate a genuinely international fan base. Whether you are an artist situated in Los Angeles or Lagos, United Masters’ distribution network guarantees that your tracks can be heard by audiences across the entire globe.


How long does United Masters take to upload?

In the fast-paced realm, timing holds immense importance. Authors often require their new releases to be accessible on broadcasting websites with minimal delay. United Masters comprehends this urgency and endeavors to provide a streamlined upload process. On average, the platform typically takes a few days to process and allocate your tracks to different websites. This swift turnaround time empowers artists to sustain their momentum and leverage their promotional endeavors without unnecessary hindrances.


How fast does United Masters upload?

Beyond its processing speed, United Masters also prides itself on the smoothness of its upload process. The platform has been meticulously designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that artists can navigate the process effortlessly, even if they lack technical expertise. The platform’s intuitive interface guides artists through each essential step, from uploading tracks and album artwork to furnishing crucial metadata. This seamless process not only saves time but also guarantees that your music reaches the digital realm in optimal quality and format.


Does United Masters promote your music?

While it is a pivotal aspect of an author’s journey to success, effective promotion holds equal importance. United Masters acknowledges this necessity and extends promotional services to assist authors in garnering accessibility within the densely populated music base. While the platform primarily focuses on allocation, it also equips authors with resources and opportunities to enhance their promotional endeavors. Although United Masters does not promise instant fame, it does offer tools that enable authors to construct their brand, engage with fans, and enhance their music’s potential.

It’s imperative to recognize that while United Masters provides promotional resources, the extent to which your tracks are promoted hinges on various factors, including the marketing strategy, intended listeners, and the quality of your tracks. Collaborating with United Masters can amplify your promotional initiatives, but artists should also invest time and effort in crafting a compelling narrative around their music.

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Does United Masters Copyright Your Music?

A primary concern for authors venturing into the digital realm is safeguarding their intellectual property. United Masters distinguishes itself by allowing authors to maintain ownership of their tracks’ copyrights. This sets it apart from classic record labels that often require artists to relinquish significant rights in exchange for support and distribution.

United Masters’ practice of enabling artists to retain copyrights grants them a level of autonomy that’s increasingly valued within the industry. Consequently, authors can continue deciding about melody use, allocation, and monetization without sacrificing creative control.


How Does United Masters Make Money?

While United Masters champions the cause of solo authors, it’s crucial to recognize that it operates as a business needing revenue to sustain itself. They provide authors with various services to amplify their reach, including distribution across major broadcasting websites, social media advertising, and people demographic insights. These benefits aren’t complimentary; instead, United Masters employs a fee-based structure for allocation.

As authors submit their tracks for allocation via United Masters, they incur a fee for each song or album. This fee covers operational costs and ensures the website’s ability to provide valuable assistance to authors. Although this fee structure might seem contrary to the notion of empowering independent authors, it’s a more transparent approach compared to the convoluted revenue-sharing models of traditional record labels.


Does United Masters Collect Publishing Royalties?

Publishing royalties constitute a significant revenue stream for artists, especially those who compose their own songs. These royalties are earned when a song is publicly performed, streamed, or used in media such as films, commercials, and TV shows. United Masters does not participate in collecting your publishing royalties; instead, they leave it to artists to manage their publishing rights.

This places the responsibility on the artist to ensure proper registration with performing rights organizations (PROs) like ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, depending on their location. This guarantees artists receive entitled royalties when their music is used in different contexts.


What Royalties Does United Masters Collect?

United Masters is not involved in collecting mechanical royalties, earned from the sale or reproduction of CDs and online copies. Mechanical royalties are typically collected by organizations like the Harry Fox Agency in the United States. As United Masters predominantly focuses on digital distribution, mechanical royalties fall beyond the scope of their services.

However, the platform is engaged in gathering digital performance earnings from broadcasting websites. This money is earned each time a song is streamed and allocated to copyright holders, including artists, labels, and publishers. United Masters receives a percentage of these digital performance royalties, forming part of their revenue model.


Does United Masters Upload to YouTube?

YouTube has emerged as a prominent platform for discovery and consumption, creating it a vital part of an author’s online presence. United Masters acknowledges this and offers authors the option to put their tracks to YouTube Content ID. This service aids authors in safeguarding their work and monetizing it through advertising income.

When your music is uploaded to YouTube Content ID via United Masters, the platform automatically identifies instances of your music being used in videos across the platform. Subsequently, you can decide to monetize those videos, earning a share of ad revenue generated by ads displayed alongside your music.


Payment at United Masters

A critical question for artists considering a distribution platform revolves around payment methods and timing. United Masters offers relative transparency in this aspect. Payments are processed on a monthly basis, with artists receiving payments via methods such as PayPal or direct deposit. However, it’s important to note that payment timing may vary based on the platform’s payment cycle and the specific services used by the artist.

How Does United Masters Pay You?

United Masters adopts a transparent and artist-friendly approach to payment. When your tracks generate revenue through broadcasts, downloads, or other monetization avenues, United Masters collects these earnings on your behalf. The platform then provides you with a payout in accordance with their payment schedule.

How Often Does United Masters Pay?

For many artists, regular payments are vital to sustain their music careers and cover various expenses. United Masters understands this, and their payment schedule reflects their commitment to supporting authors. They offer monthly payouts, ensuring that authors receive a consistent flow of income. This predictable payment cadence allows authors to efficiently plan their finances and dedicate more time to their craft.

How Long Does United Masters Take to Pay?

Timely payments are not only appreciated but also crucial for artists who depend on their music for their livelihood. United Masters has built a reputation for prompt payments. Typically, the platform processes earnings and initiates payouts within 45 days after the end of the month in which the income was generated. This time frame encompasses the processing of earnings from broadcasting websites, downloads, and other sources.

How Much Does United Masters Take?

One of the concerns that authors often have when using allocation websites pertains to the website’s earnings share. United Masters operates on a unique model that empowers artists to retain more control over their earnings. Instead of claiming a percentage of your revenue, the platform offers a straightforward subscription fee structure. Artists can choose from various subscription tiers, each offering its own set of benefits, while allowing you to keep 100% of the royalties you earn.

How Much Does United Masters Pay Per Stream?

United Masters acknowledges that broadcasting is a significant revenue source for authors in the online era. However, the payment per stream can vary founded on several factors, including the broadcasting websites, your paid plan tier, and the region in which the stream occurs. Major broadcasting websites have their established payment models, and United Masters ensures that you receive your fair percentage according to the guidelines of these websites.

When Does United Masters Pay?

The timing of payments can seriously affect an authors’s financial stability and peace of mind. United Masters alleviates any uncertainties by adhering to a consistent payment schedule. Payments are typically initiated within 45 days after the end of each month. This reliability enables artists to anticipate when their earnings will arrive and effectively manage their finances.

What Percentage Does United Masters Take?

Unlike classic allocation models, where platforms often claim a percentage of an author’s earnings, United Masters disrupts the norm by offering a subscription-based approach. Authors can choose a subscription tier that suits their needs and budget, with fees varying founded on the level of services provided. This innovative model ensures that you retain all the income your tracks generate, with United Masters’ money generated solely from the subscription fees.

In the era of digital transformation, United Masters emerges as a beacon of empowerment for independent musicians and budding authors. By empowering authors to commandeer their creative output, distribution channels, and marketing methods, United Masters is revolutionizing the industry base. The website’s genesis, functionality, ownership structure, user-friendliness, and cost structures are meticulously crafted to cater to authors’ needs, fostering the continued democratization of the industry. As authors continue to harness the potential of United Masters, the realm of music becomes more diverse, innovative, and artist-centric than ever before.


Can I fix the audio once it's already posted on United Masters?

Yes, you can make audio fixes after posting on United Masters, but the process varies. Reach out to their support for guidance on editing tracks already uploaded

Can I change the artwork on United Masters?

Certainly, you can modify artwork on United Masters. Log in, select the track, and follow the guidelines to upload new artwork for your release

United Masters, how long to get on Spotify?

United Masters typically takes 1-2 weeks to place your track on websites like Spotify. However, timing may vary due to platform processing

Does United Masters make CDs?

No, United Masters focuses on digital distribution and does not provide CD manufacturing services

Does United Masters sell CDs?

No, United Masters specializes in online allocation and does not sell CDs

How to cancel a United Masters subscription?

To cancel your United Masters subscription, log in to your account, navigate to the subscription settings, and follow the cancellation process outlined there

How to change your name on United Masters?

To change your name on United Masters, contact their support for guidance on updating your artist name

How do I contact United Masters support?

You can contact United Masters support via their website’s contact page or via the email/phone support provided on their website

How to delete a United Masters account?

To delete your United Masters account, get in touch with their support for assistance with the account deletion process

How to email United Masters?

You can email United Masters through the contact email provided on their official website’s contact page

How to split royalties on United Masters?

United Masters offers royalty splitting features, allowing you to allocate earnings among collaborators. Follow their guidelines during the upload process

Is United Masters legit? Is United Masters safe?

Yes, United Masters is a legitimate platform for release allocation, but analyze recent user experiences to assess its safety and effectiveness

Is United Masters Pro worth it?

Whether United Masters Pro is worth it depends on your goals and needs. Evaluate the features offered against your requirements

Is United Masters worth it?

United Masters’ worth depends on your music goals. It offers distribution and promotion, but research thoroughly before deciding

Is United Masters a publisher?

United Masters focuses on allocation and promotion, not publishing. Analys publishing options separately

What does United Masters do?

United Masters provides solo authors with tools for the allocation of releases and online marketing across various websites

What is United Masters Pro publishing?

United Masters Pro offers advanced features like priority support and playlist pitching, enhancing your track’s spread

Who does United Masters distribute to?

United Masters allocates tracks to various websites like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Their reach is broad but verify the specifics

Does United Masters have an app?

Yes, United Masters has an app that allows authors to manage their allocation and promotion on the go