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What hardware do DJs and EDM Artists use to make Music


Most novice DJs and artists know that music creation requires programs to make it. Well, some headphones and a sound card may be required too. But in fact, the list of equipment can be a pretty large one.

In this article, we are going to have a look at what equipment DJs and artists use to create their tracks.


Audio interface

Are you thinking about opening a small home recording studio? An audio interface is indeed a key purchase that will become the heart of your recording ecosystem. That is a device to which you connect your mics and instruments and which converts sounds into a digital signal to be further sent to your PC.


Portable digital recorder

Zoom is one of the most popular recorders in the market. It has high-quality built-in stereo microphones, which you may adjust to expand or narrow the stereophonic field. Thus, without any additional equipment, you can simply press the record button. The recorder is perfect for voice, acoustic instruments, orchestras, etc.

In addition to that, you may connect line-level instruments so that you can easily record digital pianos. Or you may connect an electric guitar. Moreover, using two mic XLR inputs (with phantom power), you may work with any microphones you have.

It allows you to record four tracks instantly (two of them from built-in mics and two more from inputs). You may also use it as a USB microphone or USB audio interface.



The choice of the proper microphone is one of the most essential decisions you will make in your home recording studio. The majority of musicians and veterans of home studios will have at least one condenser microphone with a large diaphragm. That is the most universal choice. Regardless of your budget, you will find the appropriate mic since the choice of them in the market is immense. The main piece of advice: if you opt for a condenser mic, make sure that you have an audio interface with a switch of phantom power. Otherwise, you will not be able to turn it on.


USB microphone

The purchase of a separate audio interface and a mic, as well as all the necessary additional cables, may be pretty expensive. A USB microphone may become a good option for you. If you want to get sufficient recordings without the need to update a sound card or purchase preamps etc., then a USB mic is a go-to.

You do not need to install anything complex: simply plug it in and start working. There is always a USB microphone that will fit almost any budget and task. It is good for video dubbing, for vocalists, for recording acoustic instruments, for podcasting, or quality vocal recording – the list is infinite.


USB controller with MIDI keyboard

USB keyboard is perfect when it comes to playing and recording drums, notes and chords, and adjustments of virtual instruments’ faders. Not even mentioning that having a MIDI keyboard is the easiest way to improve your playing skills. Why is the keyboard required?

There are lots of nice controllers to choose from: many of them are inexpensive and are usually supplied with a set of software. AKAI has proved to be a long-existent and most trusted manufacturer of MIDI controllers, such as MPK Mini, that both look good and are well-equipped.



Although the perfect scenario to listen to your mix would be a set of studio monitors, when it comes to a home studio, the use of studio headphones for monitoring and mixing is going to be what you will rely on. Besides, you will not disturb your neighbors with a loud noise, as in the case with studio monitors. Anyway, if you record vocals and want to listen to yourself during recording, you will need to have headphones for this part of the recording process.


FX processor

Despite the fact there are many software plugins of effects (abbreviated – FX), don’t you like the haptic response of a hardware effects processor? It would be great to even simply play on it without turning the computer on. Besides that, if you buy a nice portable PC, you will be able to use it anywhere and anytime.



Again, there are a lot of software synthesizers around us, but like in the previous case, the same argument can be applied here. It is pleasant to play on a device that produces fantastic sounds – so that you can record them to your PC if you want, or simply play them live. As a rule, they are appropriate for independent play or may be easily integrated with your software of the DAW.


USB mixer

If you already have an analog mixer that you are fully satisfied with and you want to connect it to your PC, then, probably, it will be better for you to search for a proper audio interface. However, if you have neither of those, then a USB mixer may become a wonderful option. You receive a full-fledged mixing desk with a built-in USB audio interface to be connected to a computer.


Electronic drum set

The fact that you can have a drum set at home, put on your headphones, and play, not annoying anyone around, is a great advantage. Also, you may effortlessly connect it to your computer and conveniently record a drum part.



It is obvious that the number of equipment used for music creation is way larger. We have covered only the most popular options. Or, to say more specifically, here we listed those devices you will need most often during your work. If you do not use anything from the list, reconsider your production process as some of these devices may significantly improve your production process.

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