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What is a Spotify: How To Use One of the Best Streaming Services

Today, more and more people are using streaming services because they don’t need to spend time searching for and downloading music to their phone or portable player. All you need is a phone app and the internet, and modern algorithms create compilations according to your personal preferences. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of these services, Spotify, answer some frequently asked questions and learn how to use the service.


Who owns Spotify?

Today, Daniel Ek is the CEO and one of the founders. In 2006, together with a colleague, they registered the company to finally enjoy their product and not just make money through business.


What music is located on Spotify?

The good news is that almost every artist on the planet is represented on this platform, so you’re likely to find the music you’ve always loved listening to, but now you can do it more conveniently. In addition, thanks to third-party services, a large number of independent artists are able to publish their music on Spotify, so if you listen to music from several not-so-famous artists, you’ll probably find their tracks on the platform.

You’ll find new releases from contemporary artists on the platform, but you can also listen to old jazz and rock. A premium subscription will allow you to listen to this music in high quality and without internet access.


How many songs are on Spotify?

The platform will have 82 million songs available as of 2023, which is a staggering amount. Due to the service’s popularity among fans and artists alike, this number is constantly increasing. More features are always being added to the platform. While consumers enjoy the simplicity of organizing their favorite tunes and discovering new music, artists benefit from methods for monetization.


How many songs are uploaded to Spotify every day?

On average, about 120,000 new songs are uploaded to the service every day. This is according to reports from open sources. Of course, this is an impressive figure, and the number of new tracks will only grow as services like Spotify are constantly scaling up and gaining more useful features. The development of artificial intelligence is also beginning to be implemented in these services, so we will soon see new powerful surprises.


Is music free on Spotify?

The good news is that you may listen to any song on the platform for free. However, there are a few outliers. There are commercials between tracks and poor sound quality with free access. Most individuals find that this rate suits their needs for on-the-go listening to a few tracks over headphones pretty well. Pay for a Premium subscription if you hate commercials and prefer to stream music in high-quality and take advantage of the improved features and comfort.


Can you download music on Spotify for free?

You can only listen to music on a free plan. You need a Premium subscription to download tracks, albums, and podcasts so you can listen to your favorite music even when you don’t have access to the Internet on your computer or phone. By the way, in order to access the downloaded files, you must have a subscription in order to use this service.


Spotify Premium: how much does it cost and what you will get?

Now that you understand the benefits of a Premium subscription, let’s take a look at the existing tariff plans. The most popular and basic Individual plan costs $9.99 per month. Once you pay, you will no longer hear any advertising messages, you will be able to switch songs without restrictions, enjoy high-quality audio, and download tracks to listen to them offline.

There are also other tariffs: for students, Duo, and Family. The latter two are designed for collective use, and the student one is obviously for students. If your friends also love music as much as you do, agree with them to use the collective tariff. This way, each of you will save money on a Premium subscription and get all the benefits at a cheaper price.


How much does Spotify cost monthly & for a year?

We would like to remind you that for new users, the platform offers a 1-month free Premium subscription, and then you have to pay for the chosen tariff. It can be Individual for $9.99/month or other plans. You can learn more on the official website of the service.

As for the annual subscription, it is not available on the website, but you can buy a Gift Card with an annual subscription. The price of such a card is approximately $99. You can buy it at Best Buy or Amazon. This way, you will save money and your favorite music will always be with you everywhere.


Is Spotify copyright free?

The platform works with licensed music, signs special agreements to have the right to provide music for listening, and pays royalties to the copyright holders. All songs on the platform belong to the artists and are protected by copyright, so the artists should be compensated for the fact that people listen to their music through this platform.


When does Spotify release new music?

Speaking directly about the terms related to the platform’s operation, Spotify indicates on its website a period of 5 working days. This is how long it takes the service to publish music uploaded by an artist. It is worth considering if the release date is already planned and information about it is published everywhere. Therefore, the second part of the answer to the question concerns how quickly a label or artist uploads music to the platform, and then 5 days are spent on publishing it in the Spotify music catalogue.


Can DJs use Spotify?

DJs can listen to and download music, but they cannot use it in their mixes and DJ sets, because the license provides for personal use only, not commercial use. For professional use, DJs should use special websites where they can buy electronic music for their work.

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We’ve looked at the platform’s features, so let’s learn how to use it and perform some popular actions.


How to add music to a Spotify playlist

To do this, log in to your account and go to the desired playlist. If you haven’t created a playlist yet, go to New Playlist – Create Playlist. Next, use the search bar and enter the name of the track you want to add to the playlist. To do this, right-click on the track or hold your finger on it (if you’re using a smartphone), select “Add to playlist” in the menu, and choose the desired playlist from the list to add the track you found to it. This way, you can create your own playlists by genre, or a list of the best songs by your favorite artist.


How to add a Spotify song to an Instagram story

To post music from Spotify to Instagram, open the Spotify app and select the track you want to add to your stories. In the track menu, select Share, choose Stories, add text or other effects, and confirm the post. Now, when you view your story, the “Play on Spotify” link will be displayed and the song will be available to listen to in the Spotify app.


How to add songs from YouTube to Spotify

Unfortunately, you can’t directly add a track from one platform to another. But you can use third-party services that allow you to convert YouTube videos to a separate mp3 file. Next, download it to your mobile device, open the Spotify app, and open the Media Library. Select the “Local Files” option and specify the folder where your newly converted mp3 file is located and add it to your playlist. Note that in some cases this process may violate copyright law, so be careful.

We have addressed some of the most popular questions about using the world-famous streaming service and hope that this information will be useful to you. Don’t forget to also read the official blog and the help section on the platform’s website, where you will find answers to most of your questions about working with the service and the application.

We also advise you to visit our blog on the website and read other articles on the use of streaming services. This will be especially useful for DJs and artists, as these services have a very high level of traffic, which means there is a high chance that your music or mixes will be heard by new listeners.