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What is EDM in Music: All You Want To Know

Today, electronic dance music (EDM) is so widespread that it’s hard to categorize some music genres in one direction. Most likely, they are partially or completely related to EDM. Today, we will answer popular questions about this concept and help you to understand the world of music created directly for dance in more detail.


What does EDM mean

Literally, this concept means that music is created with the help of electronic instruments, mainly using synthesizers and samples, and has the main purpose of being used on the dance floor to dance. It may sound simple enough, but in order to create a special atmosphere for dancing, it’s not enough to just create a good track, you need to do it right, use a certain structure, spend a lot of time to find the right synthesizer sound and write the right melody. This is a separate science of creating an atmosphere on the dance floor.


When did EDM become popular

The beginning of EDM’s popularization can be traced back to the 70s and 80s when the first dance genres such as disco began to appear. Later, we saw several waves of growth in the popularity of electronic dance music, and now this trend continues, and this trend can be considered revolutionary and one of the most popular on the planet. We have written more about the popularity of EDM in a separate article, so go ahead and learn more.


What are EDM festivals

EDM festivals are specially organized events where several DJs play music at once. They can often last for two or more days and feature dozens of DJs. Most of you have probably seen such posters with the names of the festival participants written in small print. Such festivals are very popular because people can enjoy music and listen to mixes of several of their favorite artists at once.


What is the biggest EDM festival in the world

Today, the most popular EDM artists can be seen performing at the Belgian festival Tomorrowland, which is considered the largest event dedicated to electronic dance music in the world. The first festival was held in 2005. By the way, for those who cannot attend the event, the organizers have made a live broadcast, so everyone can enjoy the music even remotely.


What is an EDM party

We are talking about parties, both private and public, where EDM DJs play music. But these are not necessarily large-scale events. It can be a pool party in a big house or a party in a club. This is a fairly popular format of music events because even one person can organize it for their friends.


What are EDM shows

This concept does not have a big difference from other events, but the word itself emphasizes the presence of a special attraction for event visitors. These are famous DJs, sound and light effects, and interesting scenery. Such shows can take place both in a club or bar and at large concert venues.


What is EDM club

You may have heard that certain clubs are called, for example, techno clubs or even rock clubs. There are also EDM clubs that bring together fans of all genres of music that EDM includes. Therefore, in such a club, one day there may be a Tech-House party, and the next day you can dance drum n bass.


What are EDM songs

Of course, every DJ plays music that we classify as EDM songs, regardless of genre. Because this electronic music is created directly for the dance floor, to encourage people to dance. Even if you listen to it in the car or walking down the street, you want to move to it and start dancing. That’s the magic of EDM.


What was the first EDM song

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally, but one of the first songs to be classified as EDM is “Popcorn” by Gershon Kingsley. This song used synthesizers to compose music and dance rhythms, so it can be considered a full-fledged electronic dance track.


Why do people like EDM

There is a very simple answer to this question: people feel the energy and groove that is specifically laid down on the basis of EDM. It literally makes the body move and enjoy this music not only with the soul but also with the body. It’s true harmony.


What is an EDM DJ

Of course, no dance party is complete without a DJ. EDM DJs can sometimes work in several genres at once, which significantly affects the peculiarity of their sets and mixes. These DJs play music exclusively at EDM festivals and clubs.


What is the EDM community

For people interested in a common topic, community plays a big role today. This not only means discussing and getting information about upcoming and completed events but also making new acquaintances, and helping with accommodation for those who come to the festival from another city or country. People also share photos and videos from the parties here. That is, while everyone is waiting for the next festival, EDM fans spend their time in the community. In addition, such communities are divided by genre, so it also brings people together by their interests.


What is an EDM producer

While DJs play music at events, EDM producers create the music, otherwise, DJs would not have the tracks that make the whole process on the dance floor happen. Therefore, producers play one of the main roles in the EDM world. They actually build the foundation of the atmosphere, which DJs then convey to the audience in the right sequence.


Why is EDM hated

Although EDM is world famous and loved by millions of people, there are still a certain number of people who hate this trend. As a rule, this is due to stereotypes about music genres, their sound, and the culture that is created around them. Some people don’t like the too-fast rhythm of some genres, some believe that this music carries negative emotions, and raves are associated with drug use. Some people even say that all the tracks of a particular genre are the same, monotonous, and created by untalented people. But everyone has the right to their own opinion, and the high popularity of EDM shows that this trend is worth appreciating and continues to develop and gain popularity.


What is the best EDM song

In the world of electronic music, there are a lot of songs that can be considered the best, but every few years a new track comes along that creates a real burst of popularity. Some tracks remain the best for many years. But still, a lot depends on personal preference. Of course, for example, “One More Time” by Daft Punk can be considered a legendary track to this day, but a significant number of people do not consider it so. On the other hand, the world recognizes it as one of the best.


Which EDM genre is most popular

In general, the whole EDM culture is very popular, but some genres are still ahead of others. Among the leaders today: Techno, Trance, and House. Most likely, this trend will continue for a long time until a new genre emerges to become a trend and temporarily change the situation.


How to dance EDM

Of course, it all depends on the genre of music you want to dance to. But the advice will be general for all genres. Listen to the music, and feel the rhythm. At a certain moment, you will realize that your body starts moving to the beat of the music. This will be the basis of the dance. Pay attention to how other people dance around you. Try to move in the way your body wants and use the movements of other people that you like. Dance music is a feeling of freedom. Move freely as your emotions dictate. Over time, you will begin to enjoy the incredible pleasure of having your body synchronize with the music.


How many subgenres of EDM are there

EDM has dozens of sub-styles, based on House, Trance, Hip-Hop, Acid, and some other genres. You can learn about these styles on a separate page of our catalog of ghost production tracks.

In fact, there are many more subgenres, but some of them are less popular, and some of them you’ve probably never even heard of. Nevertheless, we advise you to take an interest and look for new EDM sub-styles for yourself. Perhaps among them, you will find exactly the “exotic” that will evoke the best emotions in you.


Is EDM dying?

Most likely, it will continue to exist and will develop, change, and become more innovative and interesting. Therefore, we are looking forward to new waves of EDM popularity and to find out what the next generation of young DJs and producers will surprise us with. Today, the electronic scene is a huge industry where businesses are built and advertising is created. Therefore, this area will continue to develop.


Is EDM still popular?

As a continuation of the answer to the previous question: EDM remains popular. Moreover, its popularity is constantly growing! The festivals continue to gather tens of thousands of people, and they take place all day or even several days. Twenty-four hours a day. This shows that people want to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of music for a long time. Therefore, be sure that the popularity of EDM is at a high level.


What do EDM artists do on stage

The artists fulfill their main mission on stage – they play energetic electronic music, creating a powerful atmosphere, and the audience cannot resist, so the dancing does not stop for a minute. It all depends on the scale of the event and the skill of the artist. When he works on stage, all the details matter: his charisma, musical taste, technical skills, and his movements for non-verbal communication with the audience. The dance floor responds to him in the form of energetic dancing, whistles, applause, and other emotional reactions.

As you can imagine, EDM has become a real phenomenon in the world of music and culture in general. This is a separate musical world that lives its own life and attracts more and more new fans, regardless of age, because at festivals you can even meet parents with children and elderly people who, at their age, want to experience new experiences or remember the ones they have already forgotten.