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What do you need to make electronic music

What knowledge is necessary to make electronic music

This article contains all the basic skills, techniques, and a list of the tools required to become recording electronic songs. When you read this information, you may start creating your tracks.

Which type of electronic music you might like to compose?

Not everyone needs to be an expert in music to create an electronic one. Somebody may do it with fair experience!
Firstly, you must settle which music type you prefer to understand well: acoustic or electro? Do you only enjoy practicing in the studio or do you like to perform in front of an audience?
Beyond answering the questions, you may decide whether to select a DAW or preferred digital sound workstation. A very important step in making tracks is to listen to songs that preliminarily exist. Such way you may match various foundations to invent your peculiarity by listening to different styles.

Facilities and software selection

You would require a DAW, the software with which you make and record tracks.

You may receive high-quality outcomes from each of it! Look at the list of the top choices in terms of electronic songs making:

  • Ableton Live (better come for live appearance and also in the studio);
  • Logic Pro (available for Mac only);
  • Fl Studio (in great request among electronic tracks directors);
  • Cubase (well-known classical which still remains popular).

It is also possible to combine varied implements and effects permanently in any of these programs. Just like in a true hardware workshop. Any DAW contains four common details. They stare slightly peculiar in every DAW, but basically do the same and turn on:

  • Arrange gap record, editing sound or MIDI;
  • Piano roll in MIDI program;
  • Sound plug-ins (making sound, plug-ins of influence)


Earphones and studio screens

These aren’t usual headphones and speakers on which we listened to music before. Professional equipment class with which you may follow sounding details to obtain the correct mix of tools and records. Differently more on screens and earphone quality for mixing quality. Review such facilities and choose something for yourself on a budget, not buy too cheap, it negatively reacts to the quality of your work.


Thus, you have the hardware, DAW, monitors and earphones, so it is needed to select plugins. The first thing you must have is both types of it: audio generation and impact. These are software synthesizers and samplers, EQ, compressors, reflect, setback, flangers, etc.
Your DAW has its own plugins, it’s the fine breeze, so it’s possible to start right away. But often the integral samplers or synthesizers aren’t t functional enough. Upon you’d handle with a basic synthesizer, you would like to get more options and purchasing a separate virtual instrument would be a right move.

Sound styling

It’s high time to begin making sounds. As we mentioned above, two sound foundations can be used: software synthesizers and samplers.
Sounds can be made in two ways: employ preset and sample or synthesize sound from scratch applying samplers and synthesizers. Let’s consider every option in detail.

Applying presets and samples

Preset and Sample packs are a super method of beginning quicker. Its process is used by all – both professionals and beginning directors. You may split and reconstruct presets to realize in what way they were made. Also, it will grow your experience and attainments in work. They may be supplied with virtual instruments or sold separately.

Applying samplers and synthesizers

Samplers and synths are likely very common in construction. Everyone has strainer, enclose verification and Low Frequency Oscillators. Every of them, as impact plugins, have effects. They are simply built into a synthesizer or sampler. However, they are different. Which is not surprising, samplers apply sound samples. In contrast, synthesizers take generators (create sound flood). It will take you a while to turn all these knobs and ascertain how everything makes and each knob affects the sound. It won’t be superfluous to read separately about audio synthesis in order to realize the stems concepts in making sounds.

Music theory

Theory in music is about understanding how it is made. Knowledge comprises scales, recording and accords, and song arrangement. Many humans believe theory in music is needed for making any of the genres. Others, however, do not agree.
Understand scales and teach to combine chords and songs. You must invent how to treat a track for high emotive effect- it will bear fruit in the future.


Mixing is better after the making lap, as all recorded music. It will make it lighter for you to practice in the mix phase if you wish to achieve the track you like in the track and sound design stages.
Mixing process and electronic music are equal to acoustic one, but exist any important points:
While using samples, which are hard processed often. It’s notably relevant for drum samples. This way, you don’t obtain to squeeze the electronic bass drum simply as the present one.
Software synthesizer and sampler patches usually the actions are again attached in the plugin. Such an implies it sounds excellent when previewed, but not so well in the mix for sure.
Make an effort to apply saturators and exciters, to append well-balanced in tone.  It creates fatter and wealthier, like record guitar or vocals.


Above were important basics to help you realize the big picture of how the track making process works. Next, you require the attainments and practice of working with DAW and equipment, to gain experience and make your first records. A several months of study and practice and you can make the first track that might deserve to be heard or even sold for money.
If you are serious about making music, then one of the first projects for money can be tracks for sale on sites such as ours. But you must have a high level and quality of making tracks. After hard work, when you reach the desired level, join our platformand apply to submit a track to our catalog and achieve money from the sale of tracks. It will be well to begin duty as a producer!