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What you need to know About Electronic Music History

Today we will introduce you to some of the key moments in the standing and evolution of electronic music, which helped unite enthusiasts and like-minded people into one huge culture.


When did electronic music start?

This era is associated with the invention of the first electronic instrument in the first years of the previous century. This device was controlled only by hand movements. This allowed you to control the keys and change the volume of the instrument without touching it. Later, with the advent of the synthesizer, which was used in the studio and at concerts, a wave of popularity of this sound began.

Since the advent of the legendary Moog synthesizer, more and more musicians have started using synthetic sounds in their songs. Sometimes this device is simply called “Moog”, but its role in forming the basis of a new music trend is difficult to overestimate. It is believed that Kraftwerk pioneered an innovative approach to creating “electronic songs” on new devices.

New devices helped this new-era music get into clubs, which meant the beginning of club culture. Samples of funk and soul were mixed with electronic inserts and thus the world heard a new energetic style – disco. It was a real breakthrough in dance culture.


When did electronic music become popular?

This wave created new styles of the modern scene – Techno and House appeared, which are considered the basis of modern dance music. Everything we hear now in house and techno tracks is based on the music created in that period.

Today, these two styles remain the most popular. There are dozens of sub-styles, and new ones are constantly emerging. Sometimes it may seem that all ideas have been exhausted and the new sound will not make a huge impression on the audience, but young producers with a fresh vision bring new ideas, and every year we learn about new trends, see new faces in the charts and tens of thousands of people at concerts.

Looking at the trend of the last 50 years, we can assume that everything will be fine with the electronic scene, and artificial intelligence will only help musicians work more efficiently and find new creative ideas. We love this music because it is created from the heart, and artificial intelligence will not replace feelings, but will only perform technical tasks and help to get rid of unnecessary routine work to shift the focus to the creative process.


Why do people like electronic music?

We have started the topic of music-making through the feelings and experiences of the author. When we listen to tracks through large speakers at a concert, real magic happens: all the ideas and emotions that the musician put into the song are revealed through the volume. We feel all the dynamics and energy of the composition and fully understand the whole idea of the track’s author. That’s why people love these tracks – for the emotions they can evoke.


Why is electronic music so popular in Europe?

Based on the above, we can conclude: the limitless possibilities of synthetic sound can constantly surprise listeners around the world. Especially when an artist performs a track in a different form than it is in the album version, it makes people on the dance floor feel real euphoria. The ability of artists to constantly find a new sound allows them to surprise people endlessly. This is one of the reasons why this process is unlikely to change significantly. Innovative ideas will constantly appear, so this music will always be relevant.

This is due to the location of some of the key sub-styles, clubs and festivals in Europe. Cities such as London, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Berlin have made significant contributions to club and festival culture.

Also, because Europe has a well-developed system of music education, it fosters the emergence of new producers and DJs who make a great contribution to the scene. Even though not all artists or DJs produce music, their gigs at stadiums and clubs attract a large number of fans.

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Separately, we would like to talk about the interaction between different styles that are completely opposite to dance tracks. This is a separate way, and some artists have been quite successful in making collaborations and achieving public approval. Sometimes some artists even organized concerts with the symphony orchestra in the philharmonic. It’s amazing!

Once upon a time, the world-famous producer, musician, and DJ Skrillex recorded an experimental album with the metal band Korn. It was an impressive experience mixing heavy electronic tunes with loud guitar riffs and the voice of the band’s vocalist, which created a real musical outbreak.

There are many such collaborations. It’s a story about how the limitless possibilities and the creativity of musicians can constantly surprise. In addition, thanks to such collaborations, artists gain new fans and maintain their popularity, and once again prove to the world that they are able to make a new impression and evoke strong emotions in the audience.