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Where artists can find music managers

This may be difficult. Without a doubt, an artist who wants to work professionally requires a manager who can assist them flourish in a competitive field. We provide you several options in this post to find your supervisor, but we’d like to focus on the first one first.


Can A Manager Find You?

Initially, we’ll discuss a method that will enable a manager to locate you rather than the other way around. To do this, you must take a set of actions that will greatly increase your chances of getting a call or email from a manager with an offer.

The thing is that managers are interested in working with DJs or producers if the public shows a high interest in their work. That’s why managers are always looking for new and promising artists because it’s a matter of supply and demand, which means it will be beneficial for both the manager and the artist.

As an example, we would like to tell you how the CEO of “I am Ghost Producer,” Anatolii Vered (pseudonym “Arys”), received an offer from a manager precisely because he was noticed. At the time, Arys was producing his own music, and one day his track was played on the famous producer and DJ Armin Van Buuren’s podcast A State of Trance. This was the starting point in the development of Anatoliy’s career as a DJ and producer. It happened because he created a high-quality track and ensured that it was available on music platforms in the best possible way.

This example shows that every producer has such a chance, but they have to work hard on the quality of their music and distribute it as much as possible. This increases the chances that your track will be heard and appreciated by the right person. It could be the manager themselves or maybe another specialist who will recommend your track to the manager.

By the way, if you haven’t created a single track yet but your desire to start a career can’t wait, we suggest using the ghost producer service. Our online store has a wide selection of high-quality tracks in popular genres that you can purchase and obtain commercial rights to. You can publish such a track on popular music platforms, and if a famous DJ includes your track in their mix, you have every chance to replicate Anatoliy’s success. Visit our catalog and purchase your ghost production track to take the first step in your career as a professional artist.

We advise you to dedicate a significant part of your time to this method, but we also suggest considering other options for finding a manager that will further increase your chances of signing a contract and starting a career as a real artist.


Conferences and different events

Attending music conferences, which are typically attended by music professionals, is the second-most efficient technique to locate a management. Surely, among them are music managers who frequently go to these gatherings to network, discuss potential business deals, and possibly locate a deserving musician to collaborate with. Make sure to include your finalized tracks or demos, as well as your press kit, if you intend to attend such a conference. Deals may be made if you have the correct dialogue with a potential boss.


Competitions for New Talents

Participating in a talent contest is a fantastic method to get a manager’s attention. Professionals from the music business who are actively looking for talented performers frequently attend such concerts. So why not join them? Frequent participation in these competitions will enable you to develop your stage presence, meet new people, and win over those who have come to the event looking for new talent. The award you receive occasionally may even be a lucrative contract that will help you advance your profession.


Special Online Platforms

We shouldn’t ignore the internet age since it has made it possible for musicians to interact with managers and other players in the music business via reputable online channels. ReverbNation, Music Gateway, and Sonicbids are three of these sites that are the most widely used. They provide musicians the ability to make their own pages, post their songs, and get in touch with management. Also, a few services let you email your demo straight to managers for auditions, and their useful search and chat features will make it easier for you to interact.


Referrals and Recommendations

Networking with other artists is essential for artists since word-of-mouth has always and will continue to be effective. Ask them for suggestions and counsel from the industry. Attend local music events, speak with other artists, and join online forums. One day, the ideal individual who may transform your life and have an impact on your job may be recommended to you or presented to you.


Research and Targeted Approach

It also takes time to research potential managers who deal with performers in your genre. Learn more about the manager’s clients, their successes, and the specifics of their position. Do not overlook the fact that the music industry is a business as well. To successfully capture the manager’s attention, you must effectively introduce yourself. Provide a presentation detailing your artistic identity and the benefits of working with you. As a consequence, you will have more options to grow in your artistic career.


Industry Directories and Associations

It’s important to note that if you want to learn more about music managers, you may also contact groups like IMMF, MMF, or A2IM. They can give you catalogs and directories with contacts of possible managers. Make sure each manager satisfies your requirements by giving them significant thought and investigation before contacting them.


Social Networks Activity

Of course, social media must be mentioned. Like any other sector, the music business makes use of social media to overcome a variety of obstacles. As previously noted, managers use social media to locate artists they want to collaborate with.

When an artist has professionally made social media pages, not only do music fans and music managers who utilize social media to find fresh talent take notice. Use hashtags to tag managers in your posts and interact with their material, is some advice I have for artists. You will draw notice and interest if you do it in this manner. Your chances of finding your own music management rise as a result of doing this.

Doing it alone may be time-consuming and difficult. Using this strategy, however, improves your chances of finding the ideal manager—one who satisfies other requirements and has expertise working with artists in your genre. For artists who have already worked with managers and have a clear idea of who they need, this way of searching works effectively.

If we think about how a manager discovers you, it offers a fantastic chance for artists who are just beginning to build their careers. The secret to unlocking the door to a fantastic job may lie in having your first interaction with a boss and realizing who you really need.