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Where can I buy tracks

Where can I buy tracks

Whether you are the rookie DJ or an experienced one, you will always be needed to buy new music to amaze your audience and fans. You should update your playlists regularly, because new music is released in the world every day, and if you play regularly, and you have your own show, then you are just a must to delight the listeners with fresh hits.
Let’s look at a few resources where you can get new music making it as a DJ: finding out about new releases, buying or downloading for free.

Explore other DJs’ track lists

Why not see what your favorite DJs are already playing? To get an idea of which artists better seek when downloading music, listen to DJ mixes. When you find out that you like a track from the mix, look into the track list and borrow the track name for yourself.

For example, here are some sites with track lists:

See track lists of radio stations

Each station usually has a list of tracks to watch on the site. This is a good way to find out what’s hot for radio listeners. For example, in the UK, most commercial radio stations are BBC Radio 1 and Capital FM, which are full of new and popular music. This is another idea where to get information about hits.

And of course, links to pages with playlists of popular radio stations:


You probably know what Soundcloud is. The very valuable thing about it is that it`s a remixes` goldmine, and original music from new artists. You can always find many free tracks from novice producers on the site. Some of the most popular tracks on the charts from electronic producers have appeared there, thanks to the free download on Soundcloud. They remained free until the label acquired them.


Thanks to the search and recommendation algorithm, you can easily find fresh and high-quality music for yourself. Search YouTube for the title of the song you like and due to alike videos in the recommendations, you have the opportunity to dip yourself in listening and selecting new music for a long time.

Check out these music channels for new artists and producers as well:


Today, this is probably the “must have” app on the phone for most DJs. It helps you to identify almost any track you are currently listening to. You can listen to the track you liked in the club or on the radio and immediately identify it using the program and add it to your bookmarks and buy later.


It is luxurious and comfortable platform with a lot of possibilities. Its recommendation algorithm will help you find hundreds of new tracks that are similar to the ones you have listened to and that you liked. It is possible to make your own playlists and share. It`s the great benefit, like additions to your mixes, which you regularly make and publish on your resources.

Ghost Production

There is another great way not only to choose and buy an exclusive track, but also to rightfully call it by your name. The ghost production service provides such an opportunity for those artists who want to play exclusive music and haven`t yet made their own. When buying such a track, you are sent along with the finished track all the sources and documents that confirm your right to him. You can publish such a song on a label, use it in your mixes and sign with your name. Take advantage of this opportunity, go on to our catalog ghost produced tracks and buy exclusive music for yourself and receive full commercial rights to use it.

Listen to Dj Mixes from the founder of “I am Ghost Producer” - Anatolii Vered