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Where Do Djs get acapellas

Where do DJs get acapellas

Many deejays use acapellas for creating personalized sets in a uniquely artistic way. These are appropriate for making bootlegs, mixing in the studio, or as a perfect transition method between tracks.
There are several types of sources where you can pick up acapellas for your work.

Official Acapellas

These include the websites with acapellas from famous talents. While using them in remixes, you can not release new recordings for commercial purposes and get income. However, creating a nonofficial remix of the famous track can be an excellent way to expose your producer skills to the world.

There are over 12 000 acapellas on the website, most of which are from your favorite vocalists and producers. Free membership is available for all users and is limited to 5 downloads per month. The speed for some of them is limited as well. Increasing the number of downloads is possible via publications on social networks.
Premium membership is available for 3.99 pounds per month or 29.99 pounds per year. These tariffs provide an unlimited amount of downloading acapellas and their samples, previewing before loading, and removing all advertisements from the site.

You will find all you need on this site if you want to take a stab at creating remixes of Dua Lipa, DJ Snake, or Avicii.
Free membership allows downloading a limited amount of files each month, and some acapellas will be incomplete. Upgrade VIP membership to get access to the exclusive acapellas, unlimited downloading, and the opportunity to order the rare records which you can not find anywhere. VIP access costs 4.99 USD per month or 36.99 per year.

They have been providing acapellas for deejays and producers since 2003 and hosting over 30 000 acapellas on their servers.
Acapellas 4 U does not offer premium membership which means that the broad audience (800 000+ users) have equal access to the humongous back catalog and can download up to 30 acapellas in a month. Before each download, there is a 60-seconds pause of waiting. Removing it is possible after donation some money to the site.
Acapellas 4 U is a fantastic resource for creative deejays and producers with feedback from significant industry-specific bigwigs such as Fatboy Slim, Afrojack, and Jaguar Skills. It includes acapellas of almost all genres that you can imagine.

For a long time, King Acapella was one of the prime sources for many producers who had been trying to pick up the newest acapellas.
Unfortunately, the website has got no fresh updates since 2017. However, regardless of no renewal, you can still find studio and DIY-versions of the old acapellas with relevant links for downloading. Also, there is a section where you can download the acappella packs of such record labels as Defected and Mad Decent.

Chargeless Royalty-Free Acapellas

This part includes the websites which offer acapellas from artists who perform their vocals free of charge.
Each unaccompanied singing has specific conditions. Usually, you can use these acapellas in your projects after paying tribute to the original performing musician.

Looperman was founded for producers to share vocal loops with their online community. It includes many audio files to pick up. The filtered search parameters placed on the site simplify the scanning of a cappellas. It is especially appropriate when a track you have been working on settles in some key or BPM. Most acapellas are of high quality, so this server is worth trying.
The catalog of acapellas consists of approximately 10 000 positions with over 100 000 loops and samples available.
Looperman was created by one guy with the vision of society creation where musicians, music and video producers, deejays would be able to share their talents and projects.

Free Vocal has a list of vocalists whose works are available on their website. Each of them has passed through the strict verification procedure. It means that the amount of acapellas is not overwhelming. But their quality is generally high enough.
It includes the sections of free downloads and the users’ area with the opportunity to purchase the licenses for some acapellas. It allows getting the exclusive rights on the vocal for private usage.

Premium Royalty-Free Аcapellas

This group includes the websites which offer acapellas from the artists who provide their vocals without paying royalties and allow purchasing them for usage in your projects. Each website suggests individual terms of use. However, the author of the acappella must be noted in your project.

With complete acapellas, loops, and one-shots in place, you can find all you need for any vocal project. Loopmasters often release packs for free (some additional fees might be withdrawn, but the price for most of their packs varies from 10 to 50 USD).

Offering over a million samples, loops, effects, and presets, Splice supposes a very good value for money because subscription starts from 7.99 USD per month for 100 credits (1 download = 1 credit).
Also, Splice offers the tariff plan «hire-purchase» It allows buying the best plugins and spreading the cost between no-interest monthly payments. Your license and software will be prolonged for one month each time when you make the payment. You will get the permit after it is fully paid.

All available vocal samples are guaranteed free and ready for implementation into your projects.
Although Vocal Downloads does not sell the complete acapellas, you can purchase a few vocal samples of the same singers, one of the vocal packs, or a vocal mini-pack to create a fantastic vocal project. The prices for the vocal samples start from 0.9 USD.

The Contests

The remix contests enable producers to listen to their music from the high rollers of the music industry. Also, they are perfect for searching acapellas to use in your projects.

Kreasound allows users to create their remix contests where other users can participate as well. The prizes vary from musical equipment and goods to official releases and receiving payment of royalties. The rules differ for each contest. Therefore, it is obligatory to familiarize yourself with conditions entirely to exclude copyright infringement.

The Takeaway

In this article, we introduced several popular sources where you can pick up acapellas for your projects. Choosing the music platform where you wish to take the vocal samples, aim for the prime thing you need to do. It will impact the choice of the platform type according to your needs and terms of samples usage appropriate for your project.

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