Where Do Djs Take Music?

Do They Purchase Music or Download for Free?

To prepare this article, we have asked this question all familiar to us DJs.

DJs from Eastern Europe got used to download music for free. Vkontakte, various torrent trackers, or thematic blogs — these are the main sources used by them to download music.

If they cannot download a track, they may purchase it on Junodownload or well-known Beatport.

The prices usually range from $1-2 per one track.

In Western Europe and the United States, DJs like to download tracks, remixes, mashups, bootlegs on Patreon.

They buy a subscription (donate) from one or another producer. The producer, in his turn, opens them access to the materials.

Besides that, there are special websites for DJs, where they can purchase entire packs of mashups, remixes, and edits for just $20-50.

They may also download music from other websites which we are not going to mention as we promote the idea that musicians should receive the income from the sales of their music.

As for the purchase of exclusive tracks (they are often called Ghost Produced tracks), the situation differs here. In this case, when buying a track, you become a full owner of this song and can easily sell it on the platforms (Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music) as your own track.

After the purchase, you receive all the necessary files. In particular, all versions of the track (Radio, Instrumental, and Extended Mixes), Stem files (Remix pack), Midi as well as the contract that proves you own this song.

The track prices usually range from $200-500. However, by buying Ghost Produced tracks, you will be able to boost your career and get fans.

The procedure is fully anonymous and Your fans will not find out that someone else created music for You.

It is possible to purchase such tracks in “I am Ghost Producer” shop. You may choose any style you like (genre) and find the track you will enjoy.

We support the idea that musicians should get income from the sales of their music.

Thus, they will be able to do what they love and do not worry about where to find funds on living.



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