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Where to buy Music for video games

The video game industry is one of the most developed today. With the emergence of many new technologies, it is beginning to resemble the movie industry. Video games, like movies and advertisements, also need music to create a certain atmosphere throughout the game and in its individual scenes. Depending on the size of the project, music for video games is either bought on specialized websites or ordered from composers, and musicians or even an orchestra are used to perform and record it. We will talk about all this in more detail in our article.


Music licensing for video games

There are several main types of licenses for using music in video games. The first of them is the Master Use License, which provides for the right to add music to a project and is granted by a record label or distributor. Royalty-Free License allows you to use a piece of music in games for free, i.e. without paying royalties. Tracks of this type of licensing have special requirements for use, so you should read all the details carefully.

Is video game music royalty free?

This is one of the most popular questions, so let’s answer it right away. In this article, we will describe the details of different licensing methods, so not all music used in games is royalty-free music. Even free tracks have certain restrictions, such as the number of copies of the game. However, the license terms provide for the possibility of using them in game projects.

The third type of license provides for the creation of exclusive music by a producer or musicians and should contain information about the terms of payment and ownership. In addition, you should pay attention to the specifics of using music for certain territories and other details. This is very important to consider in order to avoid legal problems.


How much does it cost to license a song for a game?

The cost of the license depends on several factors, such as the popularity of the song, the length of the song to be used in the game, and the volume of the future game. For some licenses, payments can reach thousands of dollars, especially if a well-known producer is involved in the project and the music is created exclusively for the game.

If we are talking about indie games, especially for smartphones, in this case, tracks from specialized sites with the appropriate license will most likely be used. If we take into account a large project that took a lot of money and several years to develop and implement, the soundtrack to the game will most likely be an exclusive material that can be worked on by even several producers.

As a rule, music for popular projects also appears on sale as a soundtrack, which can be sold separately in a digital version or even on physical media. Often, the game soundtrack is included in one of the sales options, the so-called bundle or box version.


Where to buy video game music

There are several options for purchasing tracks for use in video games. The first option is websites with royalty-free music, where you can buy music and use it without additional payments.

Royalty-free music for video games

The advantage of such sites is that the music on them has an affordable price, and there are no significant restrictions on its use. Also, a huge assortment of music with such a license makes it possible to find the tracks that will match the character and atmosphere of the game after spending enough time. The disadvantage of such music is that it is not exclusive material, because for a small or medium-sized project, this option is quite suitable.

Stock music for video games

We should also mention websites with stock music. They also have voluminous catalogs with tracks, differ by genre, and can also be licensed for use in gaming projects.

Surprisingly enough, there are also companies in this field that create music directly aimed at use in video games. In their music catalogs, you can find a lot of music of various styles to use in game projects of any genre.

Video game music composers

Of course, there are also independent producers who create music directly for video games. This is their specialization. Such specialists may have their own website where you can view the tracks available for purchase, as well as get a general idea of the style of music created by this producer. If their work is suitable for the client’s project, they can buy something from their catalog or agree to create an exclusive soundtrack. Of course, this method of obtaining music also has its own type of licensing.

Musicians as video game composers

Above, we have already mentioned musicians from whom it is also possible to license music. You can get the right to use existing tracks or start a collaboration and create original music compositions, especially if the style of music of specific musicians is suitable for the project in question.

In any case, regardless of the way you get the music, you need to make sure that the license provides for its use in games, especially if it will be sold as an official soundtrack.

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Is video game music copyrighted?

Most often, music for video games is protected by copyright, because the producer who created the tracks for the game is the original author. This means that all rights to use the music belong to him. In order for gaming companies to use the author’s material, they need to enter into a license agreement with the author, specifying all the conditions under which the music can be used.


Copyright-free music for video games

Such music can be found in specialized catalogs and can be used in video games for free. This type of music includes music whose copyright has already expired. The problem is that it will be quite difficult to find the right music of the right quality. It is possible to find it, but you need to spend a lot of time, because such tracks were created many years ago and at that time the sound recording was of a low level and the quality of the music was also low.


How to make music for games

Creating music for video games is a separate specialization of a composer and producer, because such a soundtrack has a number of requirements and features that need to be taken into account to emphasize the atmosphere of the game. A certain number of games use already released tracks by famous musicians, and the background music that we hear in certain scenes is created by separate music producers. By the way, it is also important for the composer to interact with the development team and other project participants to have a clear idea of the goals and objectives for their proper implementation.


How to submit music for video games

If you are a composer or producer and want to work in the video game industry, create music for simulation, role-playing games, or racing cars, you have every chance of working with developers.

First, you need to research the market and choose game developers that match your style of music and appeal to your interests. Be sure to read the information on the website about cooperation with composers, if any. Once you have a list of potential developers that meet your criteria, start preparing personalized letters with requests for cooperation.

In the letter, you need to tell them briefly about your music and your experience. Also, write why you want to create music for their projects and be sure to specify the licensing terms for your tracks. Attach a link to your music portfolio to the letter. It is advisable that the publisher could hear your best works in it.

This algorithm is a bit similar to the process of sending music to a record label, so then you need to send your letter to the appropriate e-mail and start creating another one for the next company on the list. We advise you not to send the same copy of the email to all companies, and in no case add a list of addresses to the copy field, because the developer’s company will notice this and may consider it spam. In addition, such an email may indeed end up in spam and probably won’t be read.

After you’ve sent all the personalized emails to the maximum number of potential candidates for cooperation, you’ll have to wait. Sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks. Maybe even months. For those companies that haven’t responded for a long time, you should send a second email and write in an unobtrusive manner and try to find out if they have read the letter and listened to your tracks.

Perhaps the person responsible for incoming mail simply didn’t have time to write you back or simply forgot about your letter. Or the email may have ended up in spam. It’s a perfectly normal practice to remind them of yourself. This way, you will show a genuine interest and demonstrate that you really want to work on this company’s project.

If the response is positive, you will start working on the project, or you may even be involved in several projects. Don’t stop at sending emails. Keep doing it to build your own customer base and expand your portfolio. Even a modest project, but for a well-known developer, will allow you to add a significant contribution to your portfolio.

Don’t forget to participate in specialized conferences and forums for developers, publishers, and other participants of the gaming industry. Believe me, there are potential clients at such events as well: a composer who is starting to build his career can quite likely meet the same young developers who need a person to create music for their video game. For those starting their careers, working on small projects is a chance to gain their first invaluable experience and get the first cases in their portfolio.

For producers and composers, the video game industry has an unlimited number of opportunities to earn decent money and build a career. Even if you create music for the electronic dance scene, you can try your hand at the gaming industry as well. In some cases, your unique style can become your calling card, allowing you to achieve decent results and get a nice reward.