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Where to start learning Music Production: the Best Music Production Courses


As usual, it is difficult to choose an educational program for yourself, especially when at first glance they are all very similar. We decided to make it easier for you and choose several courses of different levels and directions.



Do you need a full-fledged cruise from A to Z? This option is what you were looking for. The course is divided into levels, you can go through them separately. It is quite large, but as a result, you will have all the necessary skills to create tracks.



This short and structured beatmaking course will allow you to master the skills of creating your own hip-hop beats in three hours. If you are just choosing where to start with making beats, this master class will be a good choice.

In just 60 minutes, you will master the basic techniques of working with tracks in Ableton Live. If you have heard about this program and its merits, then you will appreciate everything there is in this short course.



What better way than getting years of experience from renowned beatmaker Timberland in a few hours? You will gain a lot of knowledge and creative tricks. This course will help you understand how to use specific tools to solve specific creative problems.

You’ll get the opportunity to gain knowledge of music creation from another famous artist and DJ – deadmau5. You will gain important knowledge of business in the industry and also learn more about performances on concert stages.


LinkedIn Learning

As the name suggests, this course is all about mixing, in which industry renowned expert takes you on an exciting journey where you will learn more about using basic signal processing tools and how to create an interesting and balanced mix with them.

If you already know the basics, then this course is your next step in learning.



A voluminous course on the study of perhaps one of the most advanced programs for production. On the course, you will learn all the interface elements in order to create your first track in a few minutes. Yes, this is possible, because the program is optimized for convenience and speed of work.

FL is one of the most popular DAWs among both beginners and professionals. This course allows you to learn at a comfortable intensity and master this powerful program in a few days.


Summing up

As you see, our review contains courses for both beginners and more advanced producers. After completing a few courses and practicing to make music, you can try creating your own tracks. Be sure to share your pieces with friends and colleagues and get their feedback. Just like any other producer, you obviously want to make money as a producer in the future. The moment you become a confident music producer, come to our ghost producer platform, where you can be paid for selling your own tracks. It will be a great start for your career and an amazing experience for you as a producer. Join us, see all the details on our website!