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Why EXIT Music Festival is a Must-Attend Event for Music Lovers | Lineup, Activities & More

Are you a music lover looking for a unique experience that combines your passion for music with travel? Look no further than EXIT Music Festival. This multi-genre music festival held annually in Novi Sad, Serbia, has been attracting music aficionados and adventure seekers from around the world since its inception in 2000.

With its exceptional lineup of global superstars and emerging artists, EXIT has become a must-attend event for music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. But the festival is more than just music. It offers a variety of activities, including art installations, film screenings, and a camping village, making it a complete cultural experience.


When was the first EXIT Festival?

The first EXIT Festival was held in 2000 in Novi Sad, Serbia as a student protest against the regime of Slobodan Milošević. The festival was initially conceived as a way of expressing the dissatisfaction of the young generation with the political and social situation in Serbia and the Balkans. The festival lasted for 100 days and nights and attracted more than 700,000 people.


Who owns EXIT?

EXIT is owned by the city of Novi Sad since 2007 when the founder and majority owner Dušan Kovačević donated the festival to the city. The donation was made after several external offers to buy the festival, keep the festival within the city and preserve its identity and values.


Where is EXIT held?

The EXIT music festival is held at the Petrovaradin Fortress, a historical site on the right bank of the Danube River in Novi Sad. The fortress covers an area of 112 hectares and has four levels, with more than 16 kilometers of underground tunnels. The fortress offers a stunning view of the city and the river and provides a unique setting for the festival. The fortress has more than 40 stages and festival zones.


When does the EXIT lineup come out?

The EXIT 2023 lineup came out on May 31, 2023. It was announced on the official website and social media channels of the festival, as well as on various media outlets. The lineup was met with positive reactions from fans and critics alike, who praised the diversity and quality of the artists.


How much are EXIT tickets?

The EXIT 2023 tickets are priced at 39 EUR + b/f for a regular ticket, 150 EUR + b/f for a VIP GOLD ticket, and 35 EUR + b/f for a camp ticket. A camp ticket allows access to one of the two official campsites of the festival: Exit Village Campsite or Exit Campsite on Danube Beach.


When Is EXIT?

This year’s edition of the festival will take place on July 6-9, 2023. The festival starts on Thursday evening and ends on Monday morning. Each day of the festival has a different program and schedule.


Why EXIT is famous

EXIT is famous for being one of the largest and most diverse music festivals in Europe, attracting more than 200,000 people from 60 countries every year. It is also known for its social and environmental causes, such as promoting peace, human rights, democracy, and sustainability.


EXIT places to stay

EXIT places to stay include hotels, hostels, apartments, campsites, and private accommodations in Novi Sad and nearby towns.


Hotels with Shuttles near the EXIT Festival

Hotels with shuttles near the EXIT Festival include Hotel Park Novi Sad, Hotel Centar Novi Sad, Hotel Putnik Novi Sad, Hotel Master Novi Sad, and Hotel Vigor Novi Sad.


When does EXIT end?

EXIT 2023 will end on July 9. The festival will have a grand finale with fireworks and a special performance by David Guetta, who will close the main stage with his hits and new songs. The festival will also have various after-parties in different locations around Novi Sad and Belgrade, where the party will continue until the morning.


When did the EXIT Tickets Ship?

The EXIT 2023 tickets will be shipped on June 15, 2023. The tickets will be sent by email to the buyers, who will print them out and present them at the festival entrance.


What time is EXIT?

The time of EXIT 2023 is from 7 pm to 8 am every day. The festival gates open at 7 pm and close at 8 am. The festival program starts at 8 pm and ends at 7 am.


Who is performing at the EXIT?

The performers at EXIT 2023 include David Guetta, The Prodigy, Nina Kraviz, Carl Cox, Migos, Stormzy, Asaf Avidan, Epica, Viagra Boys, Skrillex, Ben UFO, Dry Cleaning, Rudeboy, Bojana Vunturišević, Atheist Rap and many more.



EXIT Music Festival is a must-attend event for music lovers from all over the world. With its massive lineup of renowned and emerging artists, unique location, and vibrant atmosphere, EXIT offers something for everyone. From camping and partying to exploring the city’s culture and cuisine or simply relaxing in beautiful surroundings, EXIT has it all. So make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing experience!

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Is EXIT A Rave?

EXIT is not a rave, but a music festival that features various genres and styles of music

Is EXIT free?

EXIT is not free, but it has affordable ticket prices compared to other major music festivals in Europe

What is the age limit for EXIT?

The age limit for EXIT is 16 years old. Anyone under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult who is over 18 years old

Is EXIT the biggest festival?

No. It’s not the biggest festival in the world but it is one of the largest and most diverse music festivals in Europe. EXIT attracts more than 200,000 people from 60 countries every year

Can you watch EXIT online?

You can watch EXIT 2023 online through the official website or app of the festival, or various media partners such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and more

Are EXIT tickets refundable?

EXIT tickets are not refundable, but they can be resold or transferred to someone else under certain conditions

Can you resell EXIT tickets?

You can resell or transfer your ticket only through the official ticketing platform or through an authorized reseller that is listed on the official website of the festival

Is the EXIT Music Festival safe?

EXIT Music Festival is safe, but you should still take some precautions to ensure your safety and security and that of others

Is EXIT 24 hours?

EXIT is not 24 hours, but it lasts for 12 hours every day. The festival gates open at 7 pm and close at 8 am. The festival program starts at 8 pm and ends at 7 am

What to wear at the EXIT Festival?

What to wear at the EXIT Festival depends on your personal preference and comfort, but you should also consider the weather and the terrain of the festival. You can wear comfortable and sturdy shoes that can support your feet and ankles and that can handle uneven and slippery surfaces. Try some accessories like sunglasses and hats without forgetting a ‘security umbrella’ in case it rains

Can EXIT tickets be transferred?

EXIT tickets can be transferred to someone else under certain conditions. You can transfer your ticket only through the official ticketing platform or through an authorized reseller that is listed on the official website of the festival

When did the EXIT Festival start?

The EXIT Festival started in 2000 in Novi Sad and ran for 100 continuous days and nights

Which EXIT Festival is the biggest?

The EXIT Festival is not a single event, but a part of a larger network of festivals called EXIT Tribe. EXIT Tribe consists of the EXIT Festival in Serbia, Sea Star Festival in Croatia, Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro, and Revolution Festival in Romania. The biggest festival among them is EXIT Festival in Serbia

How many days is the EXIT Festival?

The 2023 EXIT Festival is four days long. However, this may change in the future for various editions of the event

Where to stay at EXIT?

There are various options for accommodation at EXIT Festival, such as hotels, hostels, apartments, campsites, and private accommodation in Novi Sad and nearby towns. You should opt for accommodation that fits your budget and is convenient for festival attendance