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Are you skillful at making music and have a desire to try your luck in ghost producing? Are you thinking about EDM music production as a way of making a living? Or maybe you just want to purchase a cool track that can blow up a party? I am Ghost Producer service will help you with any of these aims!

The leading Ghost Producing platform

Using I am Ghost Producer service the talented musicians can become famous music producers. On this easy-to-use platform they can publish and sell their works. Meanwhile, the customers can choose among all these masterpieces created in different genres, listen to them right on the website or simply buy them. What distinguishes I am Ghost Producer from other platforms is that it has got a convenient shop where everyone can buy ghost produced tracks. Especially, this will be relevant for media businesses, filmmakers and, of course, DJs and artists.

Willing to become a ghost producer and start your music career?

We invite talented musicians with good skills and concrete goals to join our team of producers!

This is a simple and effective way to make a statement in this industry. Besides that, this kind of work is paid really well.

A good opportunity to purchase tracks

For our clients we’ve created a unique shop with a wide range of EDM music. Decide among various kinds of music, listen to them and buy those you liked most. A lot of media companies, artists and DJs have already become our customers.

Making ghost produced tracks. What is it? The definition in details

So, what is it? Plenty of definitions are available on the Internet, but we, I am Ghost Producer, define it as making songs for other people. This also means that a person composed a track passes all the rights of it to a buyer.

Such tracks are quite popular among media companies, filmmakers, artists, and other producers.

Ghost producers are the real professionals with wide experience in music making who provide their works to other musicians and producers. As it usually happens, they are not widely known to the audience or are known by a limited circle of it. However, the services they provide are often used by a large amount of people.

The fact is that only some of the artists making their tracks by themselves. As a rule, there are many other people help them with the tracks. No wonder, because making even one hit song is an extremely time-consuming process.

Different kinds of Ghost Producing

We define several types of ghost producers. They can either co-produce a track or produce it from scratch. Also, producers put the tracks on sale with no royalties or as coproduced tracks. And they are paid with a fixed sum for each track (with adding of possible royalties).

Ghost producing and ghostwriting. Are these the same?

These two terms have a lot in common. A ghostwriter is the one writing one or many materials (these usually include books, articles, speeches, etc.) for another person who is believed to be the creator of these works.

In fact, a lot of popular celebrities have recourse to the services of ghostwriters. The first things that spring to mind are the cookery books and various biographies published by the celebrities. A lot of them were written by other writers. And as a rule, this doesn't amaze anyone as people understand that not everyone can write books (no matter, a famous person it is or not). But the situation with EDM music is completely different though. People are puzzled when they understand that the track of their favorite musician was produced by another person. It seems to be contradictory, doesn't it?

Several advantages of ghost producing

It is possible to say that Ghost Producing has appeared due to the unstable and challenging musical business. The impact of the industry is evident if talking about musicians and DJs. To save popularity and name they constantly have to publish plenty of tracks and singles. And, of course, their tours require all their time and effort.

Simplify the process

If you use the assistance of Ghost Producing, things become much simpler. It happens quite often that a musician needs a piece of advice or some help regarding his music.

But will you miss a good opportunity when there is one?

Concentrate on things that you like

Using such musical services is beneficial for all producers as they can free their time and start doing things they like.

For example, some of the producers enjoy being famous and all things connected to it. So, using the services of ghost producing allows them to free up their tight schedule so that they have more time to perform or organize meetings with the audience. And ghost producers will do all the necessary work.

But we should mention: it isn’t only about time, it’s also about creativity and fresh ideas. We do run out of ideas and creativity. We all face this, and unfortunately, creative ideas may run dry. And exactly in such moments when you just can't take a pause ghost producing comes to help.

Also, we should take into consideration that not everybody of us likes fame. Some producers just like to work in their studios being fully concentrated on the music they create. Hence, no need to contact the press, stay up working or travel a lot. Some just prefer to stay in shade. And it’s okay.

Winning for anyone

As we can see, this is a good option for ghost producers and musicians as well. Now let's talk about the listeners. Some people claim that the tracks produced by a ghost are not valuable and all of this is unfair.

However, ghost producing works for artists. And they don't need to worry when it is time to release a new track. Just imagine: an artist doesn't have even a spare minute because of the tours, but the track still will be released. And that is cool! Besides that, the listeners are crazy when a new track is released. What would you choose: listening to the new tracks of your best-liked DJ or the case when you can’t listen to his tracks because there aren't any? The answer is clear.

For this reason, we say that this situation is winning for everyone!

Want to work in a musical business?

Let us assume that you're a gifted producer. You have nice abilities, but to succeed you need to have more time or to know people who can help you with this. You may want to make new acquaintances with the people from this sphere. Or you might be still in the process of getting your degree or having a job. And it seems to you that all these conditions hinder your career in the music business.

Do you want to implement your plans in life?

We will help you to earn money right now! Don't you believe it? That is true, and this may become a part of your life!

Surely, a person must meet several requirements. And it is clear that he must be good at it. If you are a person like that, we are waiting for you! Apply and we will start working together!

The tabooed ghost producing

We can say it for sure: for us, engaged in this, Ghost Producing is not a taboo at all. However, a similar situation in EDM music is confusing. It is all because in reality well-known DJs cooperate with the ghost producers and purchase a lot of tracks from them. All of this affects appearing of rumors. At the same time, we should understand that ghost production must be confidential. And now we will explain it.

Ghost producing that became common

We have already said that terms ghost producing and ghostwriting have a lot of common. Ghostwriting is creating text material for other people; these people are usually believed to be original authors of the text (this refers to articles, books so on). If we turn this definition to the music sphere, we will get a ghost production term.

Ghostwriting: creating different kinds of texts

In fact, it is often used by stars, politicians as well as book writers.

Are you sure that Hillary Clinton wrote her speeches? Or that Robin Williams wrote his books? Or the texts published to amaze the HRs of the companies? A lot of such texts are the work of secret individuals.

The cases with popular music

The things are similar when we talk about popular music as well. Ghostwriting here is popular too. It is not a secret that many popular songs are written by other people while the goal of the artists is to record and perform them. And this is accepted because the admirers of the artists like their songs.

Ghost produced EDM: is it prohibited?

Any time you speak about EMD and ghost production you notice the negative feedback. It goes from anywhere, but especially, from internet critics.

A big fraud?

In some people's opinions, artists using such musical services automatically become cheaters who lack honesty regarding their audience. At the same time, this very audience is always looking forward to listening to the fresh songs, concerts or simply wants updates on social media as well as answers in Direct. A lot of things to handle for only one artist, right? For this reason, a lot of artists use Ghost Production. Due to this, it becomes easier to handle the requirements of the fans and produce new musical masterpieces. It was said, but we will say it again: this is winning for everyone.

Lack of talent?

For other people using Ghost Production is a sign of lack of talent. And, of course, that is not true at all. Just think about how artists pass their ways to popularity. This requires not only talent but also a lot of effort. An artist may not be good at production, but he will definitely be skillful at mastering or choosing samples for the song. As you can see, musicians are quite full of talent and their popularity proves that.

Is it dishonest regarding ghost producers?

There is also an opinion that ghost producers are used, and that they don't get a good salary for their work. Of course, that is not so. The musicians at I am Ghost Producer get a set sum for each track. They define the charges for their tracks and get paid once their track is sold. That is how it works!

Another claim we always hear is that ghost producers are not noted as the authors of the track. Actually, that is the part of the whole process and sometimes it is even an advantage for a producer (simply doesn't everyone like to be famous). And they are quite satisfied producing tracks and earning funds from that. Otherwise, they wouldn't have become ghost producers.

Break the taboo!

As you can see from reading this article, Ghost Producing is surely an important thing! With the help of ghost producers, a lot of artists can continue and develop their musical careers. And due to them we now have such cool music.

Let’s support Ghost Producing together!