Ghost Production at I am Ghost Producer

Have you ever had ideas about becoming a professional ghost producer so that you could earn money with the help of your hobby — music-making? I am Ghost Producer service offers you such an opportunity! This service is qualitatively different from other websites: it takes care of its producers helping them to create a musical career they want.

I want to get to know more about ghost production

It is safe to say that Ghost Production is a compound of Electronic Dance Music. This works quite simply. A ghost producer creates a track for an artist and sells it to him. At the same time, the artist becomes an owner of the track and can spread it using his name. Not only artists use the services of ghost producers. Media and television companies, movies and shows may also turn to Ghost Production.

Ghost production available for everyone

In contrast to other websites focusing only on professional artists and DJs, I am Ghost Producer offers cool electronic tracks for literally everyone interested in them. We are open to small and big businesses, television and media companies or filmmakers. Contact us to get bouncy dance tracks for any purpose at affordable prices. We aim to make buying ghost produced tracks as simple as it is possible for everyone!

Helping you with everything

I am Ghost Producer is one of the biggest platforms selling dance tracks. But we are always trying to make it only better. We are always happy to help every our customer, answer the questions as well as help to promote nice producers towards their dreams.

Purchase tracks!

At our platform I am Ghost Producer we offer you to get familiar with the available tracks. Each of them is 100% exceptional and is sold for the first time. If the track has been already sold, you will see a notification about it. In case you want to buy one of the tracks, you should remember that all the rights to the tracks will go to you as well. You can use purchased music the way you want: it is available for both commercial and non-commercial use. If you are an artist, you may also use the ghost produced tracks. Use it on the concerts; add to your future album — as you own it!

Put tracks on sale!

In case you are a musically gifted producer working in the EDM genre, we suggest you become a part of our I am Ghost Producer team! Our service has got a broad audience of different ages all over the world, and this is a good opportunity to get fame as a producer and sell your works. We can proudly say that I am Ghost Producer is an ideal service for both rookies trying to become famous and experienced music-makers who produce tracks to make living.