Hey Ghost Producer!

Do you agree to sell your tracks with a discount?

In 90% of cases, our clients want to get a discount, and they use all the possible ways to get it:

  • They bargain (for example, when a track costs $450, they ask for a 100, 150 and sometimes even $200 discount); The reasons for that are the following: ‘Nowadays it’s a coronavirus epidemic, and I’ve got no gigs’; ‘The price is too high for me, and my budget is much lower’.
  • Use Discount Coupons;
  • Use the promotion of our service (a $50 discount for the first purchase);
  • Besides that, big discounts are also provided to our regular customers and to those who buys more than 3 tracks;
Talking from our experience, it’s often better to provide a discount than refuse the client. As a rule, when getting a discount refusal, the client goes away and never comes back.

Here you may download the screenshots of
our conversations with the customers

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