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The Remix

Do you want to receive a Remix ?!

We can compose it RIGHT FOR YOU.


In order to start our cooperation, you need to fill in an application form and send the request for consideration:

After that, our TEAM will review the request and provide you with an answer regarding the order.

So, if WE come to an agreement about all the details:

  • you pay the full price of the remix;
  • having received the money transfer, WE start working on the remix / a deadline is 14 days;
  • you receive a composed remix and listen to it.

The decision is up to You:

  1. If you like the remix – we send you all the files:
  • all Stem files (.wav);
  • all MIDI sequences;
  • 100% rights with a full contract;
  • mastered and unmastered versions;
  • original, radio and instrumental mixes (WAV, MP3 files).

2. If you don’t like the remix – we refund 80% of the paid sum.



WE do not edit created remixes. If YOU don’t like some part of the music composition or arrangement, WE will not change it.

Price: $499 Genres:
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