We are glad to see you on our website called I am Ghost Producer (further the «Website» or simply «Site»). These Terms of Use regulate the legal aspects of interaction between you, the user and customer of our website and its services (further the «User» or «Customer») and us, I am Ghost Producer. If you use our Services, you clearly show that you have attentively read and understood the following Terms of Use. In case you do not agree with any part of this legal document, you should not use our website and website-related services.

User usage and Conduct

You admit and guarantee that by the moment of visiting the website you are at least 18 years old, or that you use the website under parents’ or responsible person’s control. According to the conditions of this Agreement, we give you permission to have an individual, restricted, revocable and non-selective access to the website for purchasing things available on the website I am Ghost Producer, but only for non-commercial and individual use without passing it for the interests of third parties. The exceptions are the conditions stipulated with us beforehand. The violations of this Agreement will entail a refusal in having access to the website without the need of noticing you.

Users are not allowed to copy, spread, show, offer, lease, pass or create works on the basis of, decrypt, change, calculate, dismantle, decompile or use in inappropriate way this Website or any part of it except the cases which are approved by us during creating the website. You must not use the website and any information on it for any commercial use, or in interests of other businesses. The exceptions are the conditions stipulated with us beforehand. We have the full right to deny assistance, delete accounts or deny orders due to our precaution with no obstacles if we are sure that the client’s activity regarding our company violates our rights and interests and causes financial losses.

It is prohibited to transfer, share or spread with the help of this Website and its Content any kind of information and materials which (a) cause losses and violate the copyrights, trademarks, licenses, benefit marks, contain insider or privileged information of individuals; (b) are disrespectful, undermining, discrediting, abhorrent or explicit, or may cause a criminal risk under both Ukrainian and worldwide laws; or (c) contain various viruses, bugs, worms, hidden traps, trojans or other things that destruct codes, steal information and are used for similar use. 

Copyrights and Intellectual Property

All logos, texts, drawings, audio files as well as source code (generally called «Content») are in exclusive property of the website I am Ghost Producer. Thus, no kind of spreading, copying, recreating and dismantling is possible without the permission given by our company. 

It is prohibited to use our content, patents or trademarks in order to bring us into discredit without the preliminary written permission.


Seller Conduct

All sellers using our Website have been introduced with the following list of rules and agree with it:

– The seller owns the legal ownership of a track or tracks.

– All the tracks are released for the first time. This means that no other music companies have dealt with them before.

– All music introduced on the website is original. No samples or construction kits were used during its creation. 

– Also, the music was not plagiarized.

– After selling a track using current Website, the seller agrees not to pass this track to other platforms or use this track by any means as the legal rights for the track are given to the buyer.

– All sellers confirm that they are aware of the fact that some discounts or coupons used by the website may reduce the price of the product.

– If any of these terms are violated, the responsibility lies on the Seller.

Finishing Website activity

We are eligible to restrict or freeze (for both defined and undefined time periods) the accounts of any of our users if this is required to be done by law. If this happens, there will be an instant restriction, and users may not receive the notice about it at all. In addition to this, if these terms and conditions are violated, the action of your license will be stopped by us. 


Today if you want to purchase any item from the website, you will need to use PayPal in US Dollars currency for transactions.


Taking into consideration the fact that we sell digital services, our company does not refund money under any conditions.

Private Information and nondisclosure

The producer may know private information about the Company. Such private data received from the Company itself or other sources should remain private within the terms of the contract. Moreover, the producer will have to keep this confidential information private during and after the following agreement. Besides that, the producer agrees that such Private data is unique and useful to the Company and that it was received after the significant investments of time, effort and financial means. The producer is not allowed to reveal any kind of private data to third parties outside the Company not having a permission of the Company for that. This private information cannot be used for any aims but for the benefits of the Company.

Also, according to this Agreement, the Producer is aware and consents that the Company has got all rights, title and interest in the Private data now or later. Using the Private data without the Company’s permission is prohibited. If the Company fails at applying some limitations on the Producer’s use of the Private data, it does not mean a waiver of future rights to apply the same limitations.

Restriction on Use

All services that our Company offers are given exceptionally to you, so these materials cannot be exchanged or the rights on it transferred to third parties for receiving their materials in return without our written permission for that. Those website users who are younger than 18 years (according to the law) should have the agreement from their parents or official guardian. You are allowed to use our services only for non-profit use. You are allowed to change, copy, recreate, spread, publish or transfer the services we have given you for sale, but doing that is only possible after the written permission of I am Ghost Producer team.

The violations of this Agreement regarding will entail a stop in having the license provided by us.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Our service is not responsible for any delays or interruptions which our users may encounter while trying to enter the website; however, we are always ready to help in order to solve the issue. Also, we are not responsible for damages or losses that may occur on your PC, server or network; nevertheless, we work only with proven and safe software. There is no warranty that there will not be any errors while trying to enter the website; but our professional team does everything possible to guarantee the best experience. We have the right to limit access to the website for fixing and updating the website. We hold no responsibility for failures our clients due to the connection errors.


In case any of the terms we have written above becomes unenforceable, both partially or fully, the rest of the terms will still stay unchanged and valid.


We are eligible to review or change these Terms and conditions without notifying users about it. Only the last version of amends stays valid replacing the previous versions.


Every user has got the possibility to contact us if he has any doubts, questions or suggestions at [email protected]

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