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10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Music Production

Are you aspiring to optimize your music creation potential? If so, then search no further! In this digital age, YouTube, among other online platforms, is an invaluable resource for music producers at all levels. It offers information ranging from introductory tutorials on music production for DJs to behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative process of experienced industry gurus; there’s a channel for every artist.

Determining which are worth your time can be challenging in a sea of YouTube channels for music production. That’s where we come in. In this blog post, we’ve created a list of the top 10 must-follow channels to help develop your music career. They offer many resources, tips, and tricks to help you grow your music creation skills.


1. The House of Kush

The House of Kush is one of the top channels on YouTube and was created by renowned musician and mixing engineer Gregory “Stres” Scott. His channel provides informative tutorials and reviews of analog gear and plugins used in music production.

Stres has worked with famous musicians, such as Rihanna and Beyoncé, providing viewers a glimpse into the music industry. He also includes sample packs and presets for music creators to use in their creation work. The channel is a valuable source for those who want to learn about mixing and other techniques from an experienced professional.


2. Andrew Huang

Thanks to his innovative and experimental music production approach, Andrew Huang earned a name for himself on YouTube as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. His channel boasts over two million subscribers and is known for its informative content, from songwriting tutorials to music production.

His channel also features collaborations with other musicians and artists and unique projects that challenge his viewers to approach music production freshly and intriguingly. Andrew Huang offers his unique takes on various production techniques, and his channel is an ideal place to discover new production approaches that could inspire you to push your boundaries creatively.


3. Produce Like A Pro

This channel is run by producer and mixer Warren Huart, who has worked with artists like Aerosmith and The Fray. The channel provides educational content on all aspects of music production, from recording and mixing to songwriting and music business.

He also hosts interviews with other successful producers and DJs, offering valuable insights and knowledge from the industry. The channel shares practical advice and best practices for producing quality music, making it a valuable resource for beginners and experts.


4. Serum Presets

Serum Presets is a popular YouTube channel that offers a wealth of information on the Xfer Serum synthesizer. The channel primarily focuses on providing top-quality presets for Serum, and it offers a range of tutorials, reviews, and how-to guides for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users alike.

Whether you’re looking to create new sounds or refine your existing presets, Serum Presets is a valuable resource to help you get the most out of your Serum synth.


5. Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt Hugo Schneider, an established presence on YouTube with 13 million subscribers, is renowned for his musical prowess as a singer, songwriter, and digital artist. He has carved a niche for himself by blending distinct electronic and acoustic elements for a sound that is uniquely his own.

Collaborating with other artists, he has created exciting song covers, demonstrating his exceptional tracks editing and artistry. Kurt’s channel offers much more than just entertainment, providing a source of innovative ideas and inspiration through his wealth of musical experience.


6. Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

The popular YouTube channel provides insightful tutorials, lessons, and tips on music production. Joey is a music engineer and songwriter who creates a range of music categories, including hip-hop, EDM, and pop.

He offers tips on various production topics, including using software, mixing, and mastering techniques. His content is easy to understand and well-organized, making it accessible to beginners and professionals.


7. You Suck at Producing

You Suck at Producing is a popular music production channel that provides high-quality tutorials on mixing, mastering, and sound design, with a humorous twist to keep viewers engaged. The channel is tailored towards beginner and professional music producers looking to enhance their skills and craft quality music.

Using a combination of humor and music production expertise, You Suck at Producing has built a loyal and engaged audience that continues to learn and improve their music production skills.


8. The Producer School

This is another top-rated YouTube channel for music production. The platform offers a unique approach to teaching music production in the modern era using the latest software and technologies.

Their step-by-step teaching approach ensures that all viewers can understand and master complex production techniques. The channel’s content includes reviews of the latest plugins and software tools, detailed tutorials on mixing, mastering, and sound design, and valuable tips and tricks for producing outstanding music.


9. Production Music Live

Production Music Live specializes in electronic dance music and provides in-depth tutorials on music theory, sound design, mixing, mastering, and arrangement for beginners and intermediate artists. The platform offers structured courses and personalized consultation services.

The channel’s informative tutorials are presented well and cover various aspects of music production. It creates and curates high-quality content, improving the skills of numerous enthusiasts and professionals in the field.


10.  Zen World

The channel features informative, engaging, and entertaining tutorials on sound design, mixing, mastering, and music production using different software, plugins, and DAWs. Zen World teaches tips and techniques on music production and facilitates the creation of high-quality music with various synths and genres.

The channel has amassed a massive following due to its informative content, updates on new software, plugins, and synths, and exclusive giveaways for subscribers. Zen World is a go-to channel for all levels of artists.



Crafting high-quality tracks that are both creative and inspiring can be a difficult task for music producers. With the help of these must-follow YouTube channels, music producers can unlock their creative potential and take their production skills to the next level. These channels provide tutorials, reviews, tips, tricks, and valuable resources to help you create world-class tracks. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, each channel has something for everyone. So go ahead and explore them now!