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About the founder of “I am Ghost Producer” Anatolii Vered

Who Is Anatolii Vered?

Anatolii Vered is the founder and owner of the “I am Ghost Producer” platform. He’s an ukrainian DJ and producer under the pseudonym ARYS.

Where was Anatolii Vered Born?

Anatolii Vered was born in Ukraine on January 15, 1987.

How Old Is He?

Considering his date of birth, Anatolii is currently 37 years old.

Where does Anatolii live?

He lives in Bila Tserkva town, Ukraine.

Where Is He From?

Anatolii Vered hails from Ukraine where he was born and raised.


Starting Music Career

What is the stage name of Anatolii Vered?

Anatolii Vered’s stage name is ARYS. He is a music producer and DJ from Ukraine.

When did Anatolii Vered start making music?

He began his music career at the age of 24 in 2011, inspired by Armin Van Buuren and his radio show, “A State of Trance.” In less than two years, ARYS had already produced a significant number of tracks. These compositions received support from renowned DJs and artists in the EDM world. His tracks are released by major record labels.

When did Anatolii Vered get success in music?

In 2013, he achieved success with the release of one of his most famous tracks, “Arys – Barocco,” on Trance All-Stars Records. This track received tremendous support from the world-famous DJ Armin van Buuren. It was featured on his renowned radio show, “A State of Trance.”

In 2016, another one of his tracks, “Bigelow,” was selected as the Track of the Week on the Spinnin’ Talent Pool by Spinnin’ Records.

What is Anatolii Vered’s most famous song?

Anatolii Vered has many songs in different genres. Therefore determining his most famous song can be subjective. However, one of his most successful tracks is “Arys – The More You Know” & “Arys – Houser” which was released in 2016.

Starting DJing

When did Anatolii Vered start DJing?

In Mart 2013 ARYS gave its first performance in the club “Volna”, the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.


Anatolii Vered in the club “Volna”, the city of Mariupol, Ukraine

In December 2013, Anatolii Vered had the opportunity to perform at the Transmission Festival, sharing the same stage with renowned DJs Paul Van Dyk and DJ Feel. This was a significant milestone in his music career. Additionally, he was nominated for the “Breakthrough of the Year” award at the Top DJ AWARDS (Ukraine).


Anatolii Vered, Transmission Festival


Anatolii Vered and Music Production

What DAW (Software) does Anatolii Use?

Anatolii uses FL Studio for making music.

In what styles of music does Anatolii Vered make tracks?

Anatolii (ARYS) makes tracks in various styles of music. Most of them are Trance, Progressive House, Future House, Future Bass, Trap, Electro House, and House. His music features Melodic, Deep, and Progressive elements.


Anatolii Vered Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where is Anatolii Vered playing?

At the moment, Anatolii Vered occasionally records live DJ sets in nature, exploring different parts of Ukraine.


Anatolii Vered and Ghost Production

In 2018, Anatolii Vered began selling his tracks on various Ghost Production platforms. However, he faced challenges as most of his tracks were not accepted by these platforms. They believed that these songs were not in line with the current trends and wouldn’t attract buyers. This situation played a crucial role in the development of his platform called “I am Ghost Producer.”

When he founded this platform, he needed music to kickstart his sales. He had a collection of tracks that had been rejected by other Ghost Production companies. As a result, the initial tracks on the “I am Ghost Producer” website were his own. Later, other producers started to join, and the team began to grow.

The reason for creating the platform was that Anatolii desperately needed money. Then the idea to create a platform arose.

There was no budget for this at all. Therefore, Anatolii took to help him have a simple website to start selling his songs. In the first year, clients and new producers appeared rarely. Since there was no trust in the new platform.

During that period, there were already other well-known platforms available for buying and selling music. However, gradually, the number of clients and producers started to increase. Thus, “I am Ghost Producer” gained popularity step by step. It’s now being utilized by renowned DJs and producers from around the world.

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