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How much money do DJs make?

Before we give a detailed answer, I (Anatolii Vered – an owner and founder of ‘I am Ghost Producer’, DJ, and artist under the pseudonym ARYS) decided that it should be as objective as possible and shouldn’t be limited to my experience in DJing only. That’s why before writing the article, I also had a talk with my DJ friends, ghost producers of our website (who’d had such an experience), potential and present clients (who performed on the stage as well) and found out how much they earn or earned in this field.

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How does Ghost Production work?

Today we’ll talk with a founder and owner of I am Ghost Producer – Anatolii Vered.

Anatolii, talking about “I am Ghost Producer” in details, what is that?

– I am Ghost Producer is an online service that offers (sells) exclusive tracks.

Who will find your service useful?

– The service will come in handy for DJs, artists, and producers.

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Pieces of advice to Ghost Producers. Ghost Production Tips

In this article, we will describe the useful tips to all Ghost Producers willing to work or who already work with I am Ghost Producer service.

1. Publish your track only on one platform. It’s strictly prohibited to sell one and the same track on different Ghost Platforms. There are producers who want to cheat, so they sell the same tracks on several platforms at the same time. But sooner or later it comes out, and you get into the common blacklist of Ghost platform being unable to sell your tracks anywhere.

If you want to sell the tracks on different platforms, upload one track to one platform, and the other track to a completely different platform.

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Female in Ghost Production

It’s not a new thing for our service to work and interact with women who want to buy or sell music. The number of them in show business is getting only higher.

And what’s interesting is that both parties are interested: those who purchase Ghost Produced tracks and those who compose these very tracks.

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In what countries do the clients buy Ghost Produced tracks more often?

Since the time we created our service, we’ve maintained the statistics about the countries in which our clients live. And in what countries there is the highest demand for buying exclusive Ghost Produced tracks.

Talking about figures, the statistics looks this way:

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How to Start Making Money by Ghost Producing

Based on the example of our service, we’ll tell you how to start earning money doing ghost producing.

In order to begin, you must need at least one fully completed track.

The track criteria

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What do Well-known Artists and DJs Think about Ghost Producers and Ghost Production?

On this page, you’ll find the opinions of famous DJs and artists about ghost production and ghost producers.

What do they think about it? Do they find it good or bad?

How ghost producers influence the show business of EDM music and many more.