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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

1. You choose your favorite track in our store and make a purchase.

2. After you’ve made a payment – we will send you

  • Legal copyright papers and documents acknowledging you as an owner of this track.
  • Link for a package that will allow you to remix, edit, master and mix your track the
    way you

3. When you get all of these, you can do everything you want with this track:

  • Publish on any Social Medias;
  • Release your work under your own name, pseudonym, brand and get 100% of royalty;
  • Play it anywhere (Gig performances, any media etc.);
  • Modify your work.

We will be very glad to help you to become more popular, develop your brand and focus on
performing and

Is each track sold only once?

Yes. Once a track is sold, it will not be available for listening or purchase.

What are the quality standards?

As you will be able to listen to any of the tracks at our platform, all of our tracks follow the strict quality standards. This means that we certify that each track published is composed and produced professionally, and has undergone an optimal process of mixing and mastering to be reproduced at any platform or media, with high sound quality and a commercial loudness volume level.

Can I order The Remix?

Yes, How it works:

  • You transfer $599 and we start making the remix in that style what You like (based
    on your reference)
  • When the remix is ready, we send it to you with all the files.
  • An important detail. We do not edit finished result. You can do this yourself or
    with your assistant producer, if there is one.
  • You can order not one remix.
    1 Remix – 599$
    2 Remixes – 1099$
    3 Remixes – 1499$

If You are interested, you can contact with our team.

Are You the only one who make the music on your site?

A lot of producers from different countries of the world work for our service. We want to
do our
best so
that you could receive the best quality with various ideas and sounding.

When the track is purchased, do you delete it from the website and other social media?

Yes, we do. The track will be Removed immediately from the site
After the purchase, the track is automatically marked as SOLD.
And nobody can listen to it or buy again.
Also, we publish the previews of our track on Instagram.
So, after we’ve sold the track, our manager goes to Instagram page and deletes the sold track from the newsfeed and stories. It can be take 3 days because we publish and remove our tracks every 3 days.

Can I order a custom track?

Yeah, How it all happens:

  • You transfer $100 and we start making a track based on your reference.
  • When the track is ready, we send it to you for listening.
    In result, there are two varients:

    • If You are satisfied with the result, You transfer another $599. The total
      will be $100 (your deposit) + $599 = $699. And We will send you all the
      track files;
    • If You don’t like the track, We’ll just upload it to the site and sell it.
      In this case, We do not return the $100 to you. These funds are given to the
      producer for spending his time writing the song. As You understood, with the
      worst schedule – you spend $100.
  • An important detail. We do not edit finished tracks. You can do this yourself or
    with your assistant producer, if there is one.
  • You can order not one custom track. If you pay $200 – we start making two tracks.
    $300 – three tracks and so on.

If You are interested, you can contact with our team.

I'm a ghost producer and I would like to sell my tracks in your shop. How can I submit my track?

Yeah, We glad to start working with new producers. So at the beginning, you should fill out
become a ghost producer
:  If your track (tracks) are good, our manager will contact you.
Good luck!)

Is our deal confidential?

Yes, it is.
All the producers working on this platform have accepted our terms and conditions – it
that they
are legally obliged to comply with our confidentiality agreement.

What are the terms of a purchase?

All rights of the track will be yours forever.

Do you attach a contract telling I am a full-right owner of the track?

Yeah, surely.

When you purchase a track, we’ll send you a contract with all the files.

The contract will acknowledge you as a full owner of the track.

How can I prove that I am the original producer of a track?

We will provide you all legal copyright papers and documents.

Am I the exclusive owner of the track?

When you purchase a track, you receive the right of exploitation, distribution,
sharing and
transformation of the product, under a unique and exclusive license, definitely,
unlimited and

In this way, only you as a buyer of the product will have the right to:

  • Publish your work under your own name, pseudonym, brand, sign, or anonymously.
  • Play it anywhere or at any media.
  • Modify your work.
Do I have royalties for a track?

Yes. If you buy a track via our platform, you will get 100% royalties.

We will take one off sale fee, and then won’t take any future production or royalty

I want to buy a track in your shop, what should I know about it?

Your track is absolutely original and doesn’t contain any unauthorized samples, vocals,
or loops.
exclusive, royalty-free samples.
It means that you can release this track and collect 100% of publishing.

Our deal is 100% confidential.
We sign a contract with a producer which states that he is not an author and copyright
and that he will never claim any authorship.

Once you buy a track we remove a preview and automatically add a sold badge.

Instantly after the purchase you will receive a link for a package that will allow you to
master and mix your track the way you want:
– A mastered and unmastered version of the track both in WAV and MP3 format.

Extended and radio mix.

  • If vocals were used in the song, you’ll get an instrumental version as well.
  • Labeled multitrack stems (Kick.wav, Bass.wav, Lead.wav, etc.).
  • WAV files will be 44.1kHz 16 bit (which is default audio-cd format for labels).
  • MIDI files.
How can I buy and pay for a track?

You can buy as many tracks as you want, at any time.

In a couple minutes you can add your favorite tracks to the shopping cart and pay them
through our different method payments:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
How Do I know that I will get the files?

Once you’ve made a purchase in a checkout, you will be automatically redirected to the
where you
can download all the files of the track. Plus, you’ll receive all the files on your

When will I receive the track and all files after the purchase?

After the successful payment on the website, the client will be redirected to another
page, where
he can
download all the necessary files.

Also, we’ll send a letter to his e-mail with a similar link for downloading.

Could you send track (files) before payment?

No, we can’t.

I want to buy a track but I don’t have enough money. Can I make a deposit?

No, there is no this option(

Is there a radio version of the track?

Each our track contains a radio version (but for the tracks where radio versions are
inappropriate by

Usually these are tracks of trap, hip-hop or pop styles.

When I buy a track - Do I also get Master and Unmaster versions?

Yes. You will receive Master and Unmaster versions of the track.

What do I get when I buy a track?

When you buy a track – you will receive:

  • All Mastered versions of the track:
    • Extended Mix(Wav & Mp3)
    • Radio Mix(Wav & Mp3)
    • Instrumental Mix(Wav & Mp3) – if the track contains the vocals
  • Unmaster version(Wav)
  • The contract (Where It’s mentioned that you are a full owner of the track).
  • All Stems files
  • The Midi files
  • Note that the project file is not included. It can be purchased separately if it is
Do i get a Midi Folder?

Yes, You will receive a Midi folder.

If I buy a track, can I release it on Spotify, iTunes etc.?

Yes. You may sell the track through BeatPort, iTunes, or any other music outlet you wish.
You may
it on a label or any other means. You own the track 100% outright.

When I buy a track - will I be able to release it on Record Label?


As after you’ve bought the track you become a full-right owner of the track and can do
want with it.

Including signing the track on any record label.

What can I do with the track I’ve bought?

When you buy a track on our platform you obtain 100% of the copyrights.
You become the sole and exclusive owner of the track.
It means that you may use the track in whichever way you want.
You can present yourself as the owner and exploit it commercially in whichever way you
You don’t need to credit and put the producer’s name in a title.

You will be able to:

  • Publish on any Social Medias;
  • Release your work at any Record Labels under your own name, pseudonym, brand and get
    100% of
  • Play it anywhere (Gig performances, any media etc.);
Are vocals in tracks always exclusive?

99% of our vocal tracks use vocals taken or bought from vocal sample libraries.

All of them are royalty-free.

And you can use them literally everywhere.

You can release tracks with such vocals on record labels and play them anywhere you
desire. But you should know that other producers may use this vocal in their songs too.

This our page when you buy
tracks with exclusive vocals.

I bought a track with vocals in your shop. Is it possible to get lyrics?

The lyrics to the vocals is NOT available We can’t write lyrics for every vocal track.

Since not everyone needs it. You can hire any freelance copywriter and he will write the
lyrics for you (words for vocals).

Just send him the vocal track of the track (you have it in the info folder)

What platform(DAW) do you use for making music?

As a rule, we create music in FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Logic.

Every track page mentions the DAW it was composed in. You can see it at the picture

What platform(DAW) we used in the track

Can I get the project file?

In order to buy a project, you need to tick Buy the project on the stage of checkout.

An example is below.


If there is no such form, then the track is sold without a project

Do You also send the Project File?

The project file is not included.

You can buy it separately if we have one.

To buy it, you need to tick an option ‘To buy the project’ on the stage of making an order.

Also, you can see in what DAW the track is written.

The example is below:


What are the stems files?

Stems files are individual tracks of your song in wav format, for example (Kick, Clap,
Percussion, Chord,
Bass, Fxs, Synth, Pads, Snare and etc).

You can import them into your DAW (Fl, Cubase, Ableton, Logic and etc) and reproduce a

Stem Files are used for collaboration with other producers and engineers; specifically
re-mixing and

This is an example of how stem files look like in the folder:


How to import stems files in my DAW(Fl, Ableton, Cubase, Logic)?

These are examples “How to import stems files to your DAW”:


Fl Studio:


I want to make small changes to the track in the shop before I purchase it. Is it possible?

In most of the cases we decline such requests.
However, if there is just a small issue which you don’t like – let us know and we will
try to
fix it for

I have already made a purchase and I want to make changes to the track. Is it possible?

When you make a purchase you agree to buy a track as it is in a preview.
We provide 320kbps highest quality MP3 for a preview, so it’s enough to make a decision.

Can I return a track?

No. Tracks are non-returnable.

Where are you based?

We come from Ukraine.

Who is the owner(CEO) of your service?

The owner, ceo and founder is Anatolii Vered