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1. you choose your favorite track in our store
2. and make a purchase using paypal or credit card
after it you will get
a) legal copyright papers acknowledging you as an owner of this track.
b)link for a package that will allow you to remix, edit, master and mix your track the way you want:
  • instrumental mix .mp3 and wav
  • original mix .mp3 and wav
  • radio mix .mp3 and wav
  • original mix .wav
  • bass .mid
  • synth.mid
  • piano.mid
  • (and other)
  • kick.wav
  • claps.wav
  • hats.wav
  • bass.wav
  • fx.wav
  • piano.wav
  • (and other stems)
all midi
all stems

when you get all of these, you can do everything you want with this track:

-publish on any social medias
-release your work under your own name, pseudonym, brand and get 100% of royalty
-play it anywhere (gig performances, any media etc.)
-modify your work.
so, guys, we will be very glad to help you to become more popular, develop your brand and focus on perfoming and touring.