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As for Custom Tracks

How does it all happen?

To get us started, you pay $300, which is non-refundable, non-final, and not included in the track price. Read the text further.

  1. At the first stage, you send us reference tracks. These are the compositions that we will focus on when writing.
  2. We write 3 different songs. Deadline time: 7-10 days
  3. When the compositions are ready, we will send them to you for listening.

2 options for the development of events

1 option:

  • if you liked 1 of the 3 tracks, you transfer $600;
  • If you like 2 out of 3 tracks, you transfer $1200;
  • If you like all 3 tracks, you transfer $1800.

We remind you!!! The amount of $300 is not included in the composition price.

After payment, we will send you all the files, namely:

  1. master and Unmastered of the track;
  2. all version of the track(Extended, Radio and Instrumental mixes)Wav and Mp3;
  3. all stems files;
  4. midi;
  5. the project File;
  6. the contract (where mentioned that you are full owner of the track).

2 option

If you don’t like any of the tracks, we will upload them to the site. As stated above we are NOT refunding your $300.


Important details

  1. We send only completely finished versions of tracks for auditions. So if you didn’t like some detail of the composition, we don’t edit it (including after purchase).
  2. We don’t use exclusive vocals, we take them from sample libraries. All of them are 100% free. Tracks with such vocals can be used anywhere: on record labels, music platforms, and so on.
    But you should know that other producers in the world also use them.
  3. Our team includes producers who have releases on the world’s leading labels. And we do our best to ensure that the quality and ideas of your tracks are at the highest level. But remember, music is about emotions, not math. And the client’s expectations of the result are always overstated. Understand, what we like, you may not like. And that’s normal. Each of us has our own tastes.
    And ordering tracks is like a lottery. But the more seeds you plant, the more likely something will sprout.


If the conditions suit you, write to this email: [email protected]


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