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Demystifying DistroKid: A Comprehensive Guide to Distribution, Promotion, and Payment

Several self-published musicians may now publish their tracks on the most well-liked platforms thanks to the commonly used DistroKid. Today, we’ll address a number of inquiries that will clarify the operation of the service for you.


What is DistroKid?

It transmits songs to well-known channels and serves as a middleman. The artists still own the song’s rights, though. As there are several music services, and occasionally they must register a sizable number of songs, the major benefit of such a service is that musicians may save their own time. Also, it’s possible that distributors are the only ones with direct access to streaming services. The library is only accessible to those who register on the distributor’s website, pay a membership fee, and submit their material for publication on well-known niche websites.


How Does DistroKid Work?

The responsibility of performers in terms of dissemination is substantially simplified by this platform. Once created, the information may then be uploaded to your individual account along with your music. The firm will then take care of the remaining tasks, starting with uploading the artist’s recordings to streaming platforms so that fans may listen to them.


How to Use DistroKid?

Working with it is quite easy. People may submit tracks, add crucial information like track titles and artist names, and select which websites they wish to broadcast their music on after creating an account. As we have mentioned, the distribution platform itself will perform the remaining work. Musicians may be confident that their singles or albums will reach the intended audience as soon as possible as a consequence.

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How Much Does DistroKid Cost?

To meet multiple demands, the platform provides a number of price levels. The plans, which have various features and prices, include Musician, Musician Plus, Label, and Label Plus. Many musicians may release their recordings internationally since the first plan has an affordable annual fee. Each plan provides the ability to add an unlimited number of tracks to the site. The only significant differences between each plan are statistics and tools for working with customization.


Does DistroKid Promote Your Music?

It does not actively engage in marketing operations and focuses solely on publication. Yet, they provide resources like “Leave a Legacy” that let musicians continue to share their work and make money after their deaths. For musicians, marketing their activities is a necessity today. The competition in the market is so great that passively uploading tracks to the Internet will not lead to successful results. Therefore, you should consider using specialized services or hiring an expert who also knows about music and will help you set up your marketing.


Does DistroKid Copyright Your Music?

No, it is not copyright-protected by the service. Every time you produce a unique work, you are immediately granted copyright protection. Store Maximizer, a supplementary service provided by this service, checks that your tracks are properly attributed in an effort to automatically remedy copyright concerns. In any case, only add tracks to which you have the exact rights to avoid any problems and get on with your work.


Does DistroKid Upload to YouTube?

Yes, using this service allows musicians to publish their songs to YouTube’s Content ID system, giving them the chance to monetize their music on the platform and possibly make money from user-generated videos that feature their songs. You should also make full use of such opportunities because YouTube is a huge resource where content is produced at a fairly high rate. If you choose an effective strategy, you can create another additional way to earn money.


Technical Details at DistroKid

Many technical techniques are used by DistroKid to hasten publication and provide trustworthy services. To guarantee the accurate depiction of the music, they offer thorough metadata management tools, maintain strong ties with broadcasting websites, and employ top-notch audio encoding. Very often, the quality and speed of the instruments play a major role in the musician’s work with the service. When the system works quickly and reliably, you want to use it and forget about looking for alternative options.


How to Change a Name on DistroKid

By contacting DistroKid support and sending them the required information and supporting paperwork, you may alter your name there. They’ll walk you through it and see to it that the performer’s name is appropriately changed. It often happens that a person did not name the files carefully or made a mistake in the description. It’s good if you can notice this in time and create a request to change the text. But you should carefully check all texts and titles before sending them.


Can You Fix Audio Once It’s Already Posted on DistroKid?

After your tracks have been uploaded via The site, you are unable to manually modify the audio materials. But you may edit info like titles or artist names by getting in touch with the customer service team. Therefore, we additionally emphasize that you should carefully check all materials before they go on a long journey to listeners.


How to Contact DistroKid Support

By going to its website and selecting the relevant location, you will accomplish that. You may get in touch with them using the supplied email and contact form if you need help or have any questions. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for advice, whether you’re an experienced user or just starting out. The Help section is designed to answer special questions that are not yet covered in the documentation section of the website.


How to Email DistroKid

Use their email address listed on DistroKid’s website’s contact page to get in touch with them. The email content should include a clear subject line and specific information about your question or problem. Since it usually takes several hours or days to get a response, you should first check the documentation section and use the search. If you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to send an email.


How Does DistroKid Pay You and How Often?

A variety of payout possibilities are offered on the platform: PayPal and bank accounts. People may access their account settings, provide the necessary data, and select the preferred billing method. Reimbursements are paid by the service in accordance with the set payment schedule.

As soon as the profits meet the payout level according to the timeframe, the service will pay the musician. Many of them receive all payments on a monthly basis, but there may also be choices for quarterly or annual payouts, depending on the plan and the plan’s success.


How Much Does DistroKid Pay Per Stream?

By using this provider, the creators receive a large share of the sales. The precise price per stream varies depending on the service, the listener’s location, and the chosen price model. It’s critical to understand that while broadcasting sites set the rates, DistroKid shares the proceeds with the artists.


When Does DistroKid Pay?

When the income reaches the minimum compensation level, the service pays according to the payment plan they choose. Depending on the artist’s preferences and plan, the payment duration may be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Well, now you have an idea of some of the details of how one of the coolest platforms works. It exists for those who create great melodies and want the whole world to hear their compositions and feel the emotions that the author put into them. Don’t forget to use a variety of tools to discover the best and most effective ways to get more listeners. Don’t just focus on one tool.


Can I Change the Artwork on DistroKid?

You may modify the cover image for your songs. To add new artwork, simply log into your account, find the song you wish to edit, and then follow the on-screen directions.

What Platforms Does DistroKid Distribute To?

YouTube Music, iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and a few more locations are on the platform’s list of publishing sites. Thanks to a broad distribution network, the creator’s tracks may be widely shared in order to reach the broadest audience.

How Long Does DistroKid Take to Upload?

The size and volume of the sound files have an impact on DistroKid’s upload times. The publication stage, which frequently only requires a brief period of time after the files have been submitted, is rapidly handled.

How Does DistroKid Make Money?

By charging musicians for publishing, they make money. Although some YouTube videos incorporate music from performers, the website also offers cutting-edge capabilities like monetization. In fact, the above ways are the primary revenue sources.

Does DistroKid Collect Publishing Royalties?

In fact, they offer a different business model that lets users pay publication fees to musicians. By choosing to join, the musician authorizes the service to collect, manage, and ensure that he is adequately reimbursed for his publishing payouts.

How to Cancel a DistroKid Subscription

Enter the account, select the “Settings” tab, and then click the “Cancel” button to end your membership. To finish the canceling procedure, adhere to the given steps.

How Long Does DistroKid Take to Pay?

Its payout processing timeframes vary based on the chosen payment method and schedule. The time it takes to get the funds may change after the service starts the payment procedure and the revenues meet the payout sums.

How to Split Royalties on DistroKid

You may effortlessly divide royalties with other contributors, such as band members or collaborators, using DistroKid’s “Teams” option. You may change the percentages for each member, and they will change how payouts are distributed.