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If someone else recorded a vocal to this track, you must have rights and permission to sell the acapella, including publishing and copyrights. It is an exclusive sale, and nobody else except the buyer is allowed to use this acapella after the track gets sold. The permission must include a work-for-hire, non-disclosure agreement, transfer of copyright and publishing rights, payment details from the producer to a vocalist, signatures, full names, date of the deal, and emails or social media links of both parties. We will NOT assist in making such an agreement, so contact a lawyer if you need help. Once you have the contract, please attach it here, and we will review it.

You may use AI to create exclusive vocals. However, you are responsible for legal matters using this tool. You must have a commercial royalty-free license without any obligations. You may not infringe copyright and use the voice of people you don't have permission from. For example, you can not use AI to re-create the voice of Rihanna. You are also not allowed to sing someone's else lyrics as you don't have permission for it. Please provide a link to your used AI tool's commercial royalty-free license (usually written in terms & conditions).

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