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How to become a Ghost Producer

Today’s interview is dedicated to all those who want to become a ghost producer, but don’t know how to do it. I am Ghost Producer service is with us today, ready to cover all aspects of the topic under discussion. Anatolii Vered, can you answer our questions?

– I will be happy to help those who want to become our colleagues.

– Then the first question: why is the platform needed for a producer?

– It often happens that producers want to make music, but do not have the opportunity to make money on it. Labels rarely make profit. The best way to generate income from making tracks is to partner with the Ghost Production platform. A user can post a track, and when it is sold, get paid. The platform is a way to make money. The rights to the track are completely transferred to the company, and the company then transfers the rights to the customer.

– Can a producer sell tracks on his own?

– It’s possible when during the work he has already gained many contacts of DJs, musicians with whom he collaborates on an ongoing basis and sells tracks directly. But this is rarely the case. Therefore, Ghost Production Services are needed to sell tracks. Making music is producer’s deal. That is why the ghost platform is fully devoted to advertising tracks, mailing to the customer base, posting the track on social networks. In general, they use all methods to sell the track.

– What are your requirements for the tracks?

– We have 6 requirements for a track, if it does not meet at least one of the list, we will not publish the track. All other ghost platforms work according to similar principles.

  1. The track must not violate anyone’s copyright.
  2. The track must be completely finished. After listening, if we approve it, you need to prepare a folder of files, which is not possible until the work is completed.
  3. The track should not be posted anywhere on the net. Moreover, it cannot be in access for free usage.
  4. All songs that you send us must be original.
  5. When creating, it is forbidden to use pre-prepared melodies (Construction Kits), or chords from free libraries.
  6. However, vocal samples from vocal libraries are allowed, but you must be 100% sure that they are Royalty Free.


– If a track is made and meets all these rules required, is it possible that a musician will receive a refusal to publish the track?

– Yes, this is quite possible. We receive many applications, but we do not accept some of them. There are two main reasons for rejection. The first is poor quality. We do not post badly made tracks. The second – the song does not suit us ideologically. We know what our customers need and we see if something is not interesting to them. These criteria apply to both novice musicians and those who have used our site more than once.

– If the track suits you, how much can you earn on it?

– When we sell a track, the producer receives a fixed amount depending on which category the track was in, and there are 4 of them: Super Sale, Regular, Hot, Premium.
We even have a table according to which the producer can immediately understand how much money he will make from selling his track.

You can read more about:
But on average, a producer’s income is from $ 125 – $ 300 per one track. We calculated the average income of a ghost producer. The amount is about $ 227.
All those devoted to making tracks can think that music is just an additional source of income, while for others, earning from Ghost platforms is enough for life. They make a lot of songs, sell them successfully through platforms, and have good earnings. There is no limit on the number of tracks, it all depends on how much time a person is willing to devote to this, and whether he knows how to organize his time.
We send fee to musicians via PayPal or card. When the track is sold and we get paid for it, we will send the money to the producer within three days.
A song can be removed from the website after 3 months from the date it was posted. A lot of people work for publishing, we spend energy and money on this, so we cannot delete the track right away, leaving a chance to find a client.

– How to be sure that the musician will receive his fee?

– Before publication, both sides, the ghost platform and producer, sign the contract electronically. The artist is transferring his rights to a future customer. We take over the sale and guarantee that we will pay back the money earned in case of a successful sale. This agreement is insurance, both for one side and for the other. Moreover, the guests of the platform like I am Ghost Producer, on the contrary, are interested in the presence of musicians who will regularly update the site with new content.

– Do you guarantee the sale?

– We guarantee that we will make all efforts to sell, but we cannot guarantee the sale itself because the purchase is a customer’s decision, which we cannot influence any way. We do what we can – we offer the track to regular customers, give it a presentation and publish it on all sites where we can. It must be understood for producers that the ghost platform is also interested in selling the song, otherwise all the efforts and work of many will be in vain.

– If a person does not know how to arrange a package of files, what should he do?

– We have examples of how to pick up a package of documents, how to formalize a contract and how to make an electronic signature. You need to prepare everything by example. Next, the manager will check everything, if something is wrong, he will be informed about it and we will help to fix it. We have been working in the field of ghost production for a long while and always help in the formating of files.

– What does it take to become a Ghost Producer?

– It takes time, attainments, a powerful computer and leaving a request on our website. We accept songs through a private Soundcloud link. Then we listen to it. After that, our manager will contact you and answer all your questions. Moreover, he will guide you from listening to publishing on the site. Following an example, you make up a package of files and fill out a contract. We check all files and publish the track on the site. If it is sold, you take your royalty. That’s the whole principle of our Ghost Producer platform.
If you are interested in the profession of a ghost producer, you can go to the section Become A Ghost Producer on our website, fill out the application form, indicating the link to the track that we can listen to. If We like it, we will contact you and tell you what to do next.

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