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What is a Ghost Producer and Ghost Production?

We interviewed Anatolii Vered, a person who started out as a regular music producer and is currently the founder of a service that collaborates with dozens of producers and sells hundreds of tracks.
Anatolii, could you tell more about the work of ghost production as the founder of the “I Am Ghost Producer service? We have a number of questions about who is a ghost producer, how much they make, whether they can work independently. We hope this interview will shed light on a profession that always remains in the shadows.

Who is a ghost producer?

A Ghost Producer is a musician or music producer who creates electronic music. His goal is to sell his compositions (with full copyright transfer to the buyer) and receive a monetary reward for this. He remains anonymous and no one sees his name in the song title.

So why did they start calling them Ghost Producers? How Ghost Production came about?

We all know that the word Ghost means a ghost in English. And very few people can see ghosts. So, at some point, a music producer wanted to sell his song to another artist. He simply needed money.
As a result, the buyer received the creation of another musician and could distribute this music anywhere. He could sign it to record labels, play it at his concerts or parties (do whatever he wanted). And the creator of the composition received money.
You’re wondering why that music producer was called a Ghost Producer.
Well, the new owner of the track needs to make sure that no one finds out that the author is another person. His fans and all his admirers would not like it. They think that he is the creator of this music.
So, when purchasing the track, the real creator of the song pledged to be anonymous and not tell anyone that he created the music. It was like being a “ghost” (it’s like putting a white sheet over your head).
That’s how the world’s first Ghost Producer appeared. And this field began to be called Ghost Production.

What is Edm Ghost Producer & Edm Ghost Production?

Edm Ghost Producer is the same like a Ghost Producer. Just EDM is an abbreviation concept of “Electronic Dance Music”. There are no differences between them. These are the same music producers and all work in the field of ghost production.
The same applies to EDM ghost production. It’s ghost production with a prefix EDM. No differences except the word. It is an area of activity in the music industry. Where they are engaged in the production and sale of electronic dance music. This is what we do.

What do you think were Ghost Production’s first steps in the music industry?

At the first stage, the agreement between the buyer of the track and its creator was just, as they say, “in words”.
And over time, the customers of the song wanted to add an agreement (contract) signed by the real author of the composition. The document stated that the composer was transferring all rights to the buyer and relinquishing ownership. Therefore, he would not have any claims.
Most likely, the first contract appeared after one of Ghost Producer’s tracks became popular. And he began to tell everyone that he was the real creator of this composition. So, after this incident, customers wanted to insure themselves against such situations as much as possible.

How does a ghost producer work?

For a ghost producer to remain in demand, he or she must constantly follow trends: learn about new styles of music and create it with a fresh sound. If such an artist regularly writes modern music, the market will always need him, and artists will be lining up to get his help. Because his tracks sound modern and original, different from many others. Any artist or DJ wants to be unique in their sound, and their work should be relevant and trendy.

Who buys music from Ghost Producers?

Usually, these are people who don’t have the time or skills to create their own music. These can be DJs, artists, vocalists, bloggers, game or movie developers.

But our main clients are still DJs. By purchasing tracks from us, they can direct their energy to popularizing their name and brand, without being distracted by writing music. Because music takes a lot of time.

What are the advantages of using Ghost Producers?

Okay, let’s list all the advantages of buying tracks from ghost producers. I will only take the experience of our platform. So:

  • The main advantage is time. As I mentioned above, you don’t need to spend time writing music, but rather focus on advertising your name and brand;
  • In the music show business, there is often a change of fashion for a particular style of music. It happens when you’ve mastered a genre and it’s no longer relevant. With Ghost Production, everything is easier and easier. We have dozens of genres of music in the most popular styles. Choose tracks that match your style and buy them.
  • You can also order songs if you don’t like anything in the store.

If your main goal is to become a famous DJ, this option is for you. Buy tracks, get all the files, and immediately share with your audience, send and sign purchased songs to Record Labels.

Note that after purchasing a track, it is completely transferred to you and you become its full owner. You can name your new composition anything you want under your own DJ name. We do not appear anywhere and are 100% anonymous. We charge a one-time fee for the track and in the future, all income will be yours alone.

How to buy a track in your shop?

It’s easy. Just go to the page where we publish ours all Ghost Produced Tracks. Also You can choose your favourite style of music and find songs in your genre.

What files does the track buyer receive?

After placing an order and paying, the buyer immediately receives all the files to his mailbox. Namely:

  • Extended, Radio, Instrumental Mixes;
  • Stems Files (its like a Remix pack). Here there are multitracks like: kick, bass, claps, snare, melody, etc.;
  • Midi Files;
  • The contract (documents) for the track. Where it is mentioned that you are full version of the song;
  • The project file. It can be purchased separately in CheckOut if it is available.

How did you become a ghost producer? Why did you pick this field?

I needed money at a certain stage of my life. I started wondering where to get it. I thought of what I could do. I had ready-made tracks, so I could sell them somewhere. I needed to make money with my music, because this was the business that I knew very well. I collaborated with other ghost platforms, but the tracks were practically not selling. In addition to that, many tracks were not fitting for those services. Sometimes I was rejected because the genre wasn’t matching, sometimes for a different reason. That is why I decided to establish my own platform and this was where I started selling my tracks. Over some time, other producers who wanted to use the platform services joined. So I came to the conclusion that the platform needed to be developed, I had to look for employees and clients, to promote the website.

How much does a ghost producer make?

There are no regular salaries in this field. But you can do some job for a platform on a regular basis. The main income comes from selling tracks. Let’s take our website for example. Our tracks range in price from $ 350 to $ 599. We also have different discounts and Super Sales, that is selling a track for $ 199.
We even have a table of Ghost Producer income that tells how much money they will make from selling a track.


A table of a Ghost Producer income

On average, a producer income starts from $ 125 to $ 400 from selling a track.
We calculated the average net income of a guest producer. It is around $ 247.
This is the net income the guest producer receives either on their PayPal account or a credit card.
At the end of the day, there are a few factors influencing the income of a producer. These are the number of tracks they will produce and how many of them will be sold. A successful producer is the one who knows how to make high quality music fast. There are not many of them, but they do exist.

Does a producer need a platform or can they sell tracks on their own?

It is much easier when there is a platform. In that case a producer only takes care of music; there is no need to think about PR. You can leave it to people who have a customer base and sales experience. If a track is well written and its style is in demand, it quickly sells. Selling a track on your own is much more difficult. Our job is not just to post a track. We have a whole team working on the website. Someone checks packages of files, someone creates pictures, and someone writes lyrics. We have an employee who posts tracks on the website, another employee publishes tracks on social networks. There are also IT guys, they take care of security. I am engaged in promotion and recruiting. We operate according to a system that has been working for several years. This system is constantly being improved so that producers make good money, customers are satisfied with the tracks they purchased, and the employees benefit from it in terms of money, pleasure, and the opportunity to develop.
Trying to sell a track on their own, a producer faces the following difficulties:

  • Looking for clients. The first one that comes across is unlikely to buy right away.
  • Preparing a contract, carrying out the sale itself.

Selling through the platform looks much easier, you just need to prepare a bunch of files, send them, and while our manager is taking care of your track to be sold you are writing more music. This saves you time and effort. It also gives you the opportunity to make more money.

Do you accept all the tracks that come to your platform?

Of course, we don’t. There are poor quality tracks, some other tracks do not match our vision. During the operation of the platform, we learned the needs of our customers. We can see when a track is interesting and there is a chance to sell it. Other tr, on the contrary, do not fit our platform, as the probability of selling them is very low. We immediately refuse such producers so we don’t waste their time. We accept 70-80% of the tacks sent to us. There are musicians who we constantly work with. They know what’s best for us, so they produce tracks that we can’t refuse. This is what our platform works like.

What are the difficulties of working as a producer?

One of the difficulties is finding a platform that will be convenient to work with and trust-worthy. I didn’t find it when I needed it, so I decided to create my own. Secondly, you also have to be very patient. Many people think that they can quickly make something, post it online, and earn thousands of dollars right away. But it takes time to improve skills in order to understand what the market needs nowadays just like with any other profession. Next, you never know which track will be sold and which one will have to wait longer for the right buyer. The popularity of styles is changing, so are the needs of customers. And the last difficulty is self-discipline. Working from home is not just about convenience and a flexible schedule. It is also about being too lazy sometimes to start working. Plus, you are constantly distracted, and your work day has no beginning or an end.

Is this profession relevant nowadays?

 As long as show business exists, ghost producers are in demand. As long as there are DJs, we have clients. We receive tracks for sale very often. Purchases are often too.  The number of sales has been growing nonstop over the past couple of years. So I can safely say that this profession is relevant nowadays, and it will be for many years to come.

How to become a ghost producer?

 I can only recommend what I am sure about. Our platform. This is what a track sale works like stage by stage:

  1. A producer fills out a form to become a Ghost Producer. You need to indicate your name, social media accounts, and enclose a link to your track.
  2. We listen to the track and reply whether it suits us or not.
  3. If we are ready to accept the track, the manager asks several questions and gives an example of how to draw up documents and how to sign a contract.
  4. The producer draws up documents and sends them to us for a checkup.
  5. We upload the track to the site after the checkup.
  6. If the track is sold, the producer gets their revenue.

Thank you for your answer, Anatolii.

Listen to Dj Mixes from the founder of “I am Ghost Producer” - Anatolii Vered


Who is a ghost producer?

A ghost producer is a music producer who creates electronic music and sells it to DJs or other producers and stays unknown

How does a ghost producer work?

They usually work from home

How much does a ghost producer make?

On average, a producer income starts from $ 125 to $ 300 from selling a track.