Ghost Producer

In search of good ghost producers? Or are you a music-maker? Join our team of professionals at I am Ghost Producer.

  • Looking for a good ghost producer?
  • I want to buy a song. How can I do that?
  • I'm interested in earning money working as a producer
  • What should I do to be a ghost producer?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Quality is in the first place
  • Keeping relationships on top

Did you always want to make music instead of a usual 9-5 office work? Did you want to earn good sums out of the thing you like? I am Ghost Producer can make this real for you! Our service differs from other platforms: we do care about our partners and make our best to contribute our producers' professional growth.

Looking for a good ghost producer?

Want to find a place where you can purchase tracks? I am Ghost Producer suggests you visit our musical shop. Select the genre you want or pick the favorite producer and enjoy dance tracks right on the website for free. Find a track you that you might have been looking for and if add it to cart! If you have any questions before the purchase, you are always welcome to contact us.

I want to buy a song. How can I do that?

After listening to the hot tracks on the website you decided to purchase one? It's never been easier! To get it, you will need to log into your account or create a new one if you haven't and to add the track to the cart. Once you've paid for it, the track can be downloaded with a pack of sounds. Now you are ready to reach the dance Olympus. This track can be used anywhere you desire. For example, TV programs, clips, movies, songs, whatever you want. Every song introduced on our service is fully original and created in one copy only.

I'm interested in earning money working as a producer

It is possible to put your tracks on sale using our platform! We thoroughly check all the songs and vocals before publishing them on the website. If your track meets our requirements, we will post and you will be able to earn money. Do you see how easy it is to become a ghost producer?

What should I do to be a ghost producer?

Actually, it is not so difficult to become a professional ghost producer. Firstly, you will need to apply having filled up a special form. You will also need to attach your track to it. We will evaluate it, and you will have a chance to join I am Ghost Producer!

This is a great way not only for making money but also for getting popularity. For example, many customers including professional musicians from different countries visit our website daily. This means that there are people to assist you to promote your tracks.

If you are a producer or musician and want to join us, simply contact us, and we will help you with everything making it the best experience in your life!

Who are your customers?

We have mentioned it before, but I am Ghost Producer worked with many well-known DJs who'd used the services of ghost production. Moreover, ghost producers even composed some of their best tracks.

This means that the work of our producers is popular and highly valued.

People may use the services of producers for different reasons. Some of them are: bad skills, a tight schedule or absence of new ideas. Nevertheless, I am Ghost Producer is always happy to help no matter what reason is.

Quality is in the first place

We thoroughly check all the songs and vocals before publishing them on I am Ghost Producer website. We will ask you to send us several of your coolest tracks. After that, our professional IGP team will evaluate them. If the songs are good enough, they will be published and available for buyers. A little effort and you are a ghost producer too!

Keeping relationships on top

For our company, it is extremely important to maintain reliable and professional relations with our customers and workers. Our company is fully transparent, and you may see this. A lot of attention is also paid to the support service of our customers so that you can get answers as quickly as possible. Besides that, we do everything possible to prevent all kinds of fraud and special up-to-date programs are used for that (you may be sure that the tracks you purchase are fully unique). This is what made us what we are.