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Frequently Asked Questions


No. All tracks have to be original. The use of construction kits, loops,
pre-made MIDI files from sample packs is not allowed.

No. This is a violation of the Copyright Release agreement and needs to stay only
between the parties involved.

Sure. You can remove it at any time.

You will earn 75% after your track is sold out.

Also, some payment systems (like PayPal) take 5% for transaction, so when your track is sold, you will get 70% profit.

Money will be paid into the PayPal account you have specified in your profile settings. 

Also, we use some other payment systems for transferring money to you.

We work and make payments only on working days. 

We don’t work during weekends and public holidays. 

You will get your earnings as soon as track is sold within 24 hours.

We don’t work with anonymous people. We want to know who the person we work with is in case you violate our Terms Of Use. If you don’t have Facebook or it looks like fake profile for us – we will ask you to provide official documents that prove your identity.

No, tracks are sold as full-buyout – all track’s rights and royalties are transferred to the buyer.

No, you must upload all files including mastered, unmastered mp3, wav, all stems files (wav) and midi files.

Track can be with vocal and without vocal. But if it’s a vocal track, there must be original vocal or if it’s from a sample pack, it must be from a royalty free sample pack.

Create an account here and choose the option “be a producer”. Once registered, you’ll be able to upload your tracks in just a couple of minutes.

You can choose the price category at which you want to sell your track, the categories range in price between 200 until 750$. Your price selection will be revised and approved by our technicians, they will determine whether your selection is appropriate based on the quality of the track (composition, production, mix and mastering) and the quality of the cover of the track.

No, all content you are selling on IamGhostProducer is exclusive and confidential . For example, uploading your track for sale at Iamghostproducer and additionally uploading it to Youtube, Soundcloud, or trying to sell the same track through beatstore or any other website, is completely prohibited.

– Quality and originality of the compositions.
– Quality of the mix and master process.

Yes. When you transfer your copyright to a buyer, everything should stay confidential. This means that you cannot publish the contract details anywhere.

When your track is purchased, you transfer the right of exploitation, distribution, reproduction, sharing and transformation of the work to the buyer, under a unique and exclusive license, definitely, unlimited and irreversible. In this way, only the buyer of your product will have the right to:
– Publish your work under his own name, pseudonym, brand, sign, or anonymously.
– Exploit economically.
– Play it anywhere or at any media.
– Modify your work.

You can use any online pdf editor, for example :

You can sell the project file (FL, Cubase, Logic, Ableton etc.) and receive $50 if your track is sold with it. 
Make sure your project file contains all required samples to run the project on buyer’s computer. Don’t send us just the *.flp, *.als, *.lpx or *.cpr file.
Upload ZIP-archive with the project file as a separate download link. 
You need to send us a packed ZIP-file with masters, midi and stems and a ZIP-file with project as two separate download links.

– “Have you listened to my track or not?” 
– “Is my pack OK?” 
– “When will my track be uploaded to shop?” 
– “My track is sold, when you’ll send me the payment?” 
– “Hey, how is it going?” 

If the track receives our approval, and we are ready for cooperation, we will send you example “How to make a package for our shop”

When track is sold, we mark cover of this song “SOLD”. So you can count them)

We get a lot of tracks for selling. So it’s hard to change the fee every time in the contract.
Also sometimes We sell our tracks for our regular clients and we give good discounts for them. So pricing may changing.

Now the prices are adjusted by our sales managers.
A lot of producers want to lower the price to increase the chances of selling the track. But it does not work at all times.
We sell the majority of our tracks via our constant clients. And they already have got big discounts. We send out and offer them tracks at one price, and then a producer asks us to reduce the price, and it leads to numerous price misunderstandings.
It happens that a track is sold once it is published. It also happens that it takes us several months to sell the track. And that is absolutely okay.
To those who want to sell tracks at a Super sale price, we want to say that 90% of our clients (both new and constant ones) ask us to give a discount. Besides that, we provide our new clients with discounts as well. So, as you can see, the price will be lower than in the Super sale section.
Our producer friends, trust us in this question.
Our manager works on sales: there is nothing to worry about. And we do everything possible to sell your track as quickly as possible.