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All the tracks that you send to us must be the original ones.

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While composing, it is prohibited to use all kinds of prepared melodies, chords from the free
libraries, or construction kits

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However, using vocal samples from the vocal libraries is allowed, but you should be 100% sure
they are royalty-free.

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Also, the whole track sent to us or a part of it shouldn’t be posted on the Internet (including
all types of social media and so on).

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One more condition is that the track must be sold only in our shop. It means that you can’t put it on sale in a different shop. As for the price of the song, you’ll set it during a conversation with our consultant.

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Every producer whose track meets our requirements will be sent a contract. It’s required to
fill it in and sign it. You can use any PDF Online Editor for that. When the contract is signed and
filled in, simply attach it to the letter for our consultant.

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The income:

1) when we successfully sell your track, you’ll receive 75% of the track cost. Nevertheless, all
the expenses which may occur due to the use of payment systems, currency conversions, and
other costs appearing during financial calculations with you, are paid out of your fee.

2) The payments are possible only to a PayPal account or a credit card.

3) Once your track is sold, we will send you the money within 3 days. Note that the payouts are
possible only from Monday till Friday as the weekends and holidays are days off.

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1. The price of the track is set and adjusted by our specialists. You can make suggestions and
notify us about it – but it is possible only before the track is published on the website. Also, you
may ask us to change the price once a month.

2. The track is moved to the Super Sale section if it is not being purchased for a long time.

3) You can delete your track from our shop in 3 months in case no one buys it within this time.

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4) You don’t need to ask us a lot of similar questions like:
How is it going? Is anyone interested in my track?