How to hire a ghost producer

How to hire a Ghost Producer

Working with a producer, just like with any other professional, requires from you understanding the basics of their work. You need to understand your own task and how the producer is supposed to help you solve it for your collaboration to be as effective as possible.

What should I do before hiring a ghost producer?

First things first, we define the task we need a ghost producer for. It might be working on a completely finished track, it also might be creating lyrics, beats, or some kind of a separate track with an instrument.


Once you’re done with defining the task, you choose a budget to stick to while looking for a producer. The service prices are completely different. They start from several hundred dollars to several thousands and even tens of thousands, depending on the level of the producer.


We would also like to say that if you need a finished track, there is a faster way to get it. You purchase it at a ready-made track store where the same ghost producers make the tracks and put them up for sale. The variety of ready-made music is so great that you will most likely find something that suits your requirements. For example, you can use Our Shop of ready-made tracks, choose the track you like and buy it. You will receive full rights for commercial use. This will save you time and money.


After defining the task and the budget, we proceed to finding the desired producer. There are many options for finding a producer, but we will focus on the most convenient and simple ones.


How to find a ghost producer

Option is freelance websites. There are many producers there, starting from on-budget beginners to quite successful ones with an impressive charge. It is convenient because there are reviews, ratings, work process descriptions, portfolios, so you can evaluate options and choose who is right for you. This is great if you are working with a producer for the first few times and you need experience for reasonable money. But over time, you will have to move to the next stage and work with advanced producers if you want to grow.


The second option is special platforms for ghost producers. There you will find people who already have considerable experience in the industry. The quality of work they do for you will put you ona new level. The prices here may overlap with those you might find on freelance websites, but decent professionals cost a lot more. Working with such producers, you can make good progress in your career, because they are professionals who can do more than just produce a track from scratch.


Another option that we mentioned above and you can find it on websites with ready-made tracks is custom tracks. Besides the enormous variety of music ready for instant purchase, these websites often have a service section where you can order a track. This means that one of the producers who works for the website can create a track just for you. The price of this work may not be much more expensive than a finished track from the store, but it will be exclusive and fully match your expectations.


It’s up to you to decide what option is better based on the stage in your development as an artist you are right now.

How much does a ghost producer cost?

Well, how much will it cost for you to ghost produce a song? If you use the websites we talked about earlier, beginner producers on a freelance website like Fiverr may charge from $ 20 per track. Yes, this is very inexpensive, but the quality of such work is questionable. However, there is demand for each product. Such tracks will be great for someone at early stages to promote.


At some producer websites prices are indicated in the service description. On average, a ghost producer charges $ 400 for a finished track. If we talk about the cost of the usual production of a track, it is not much different from ghost production. Sometimes it is even a little cheaper.


We covered production. But these guys also provide other services, such as mixing and mastering, creating remixes, etc. You may use a separate service if you do some of the stages of the work by yourself, and some stages have to be done by someone who has more experience and has the appropriate studio equipment.


Summing up

Nowadays ghost producers occupy an important place in the music world. Tracks are not just produced on a conveyor belt. These guys know how to work at a high level and are able to produce a track for you that meets your expectations as closely as possible. They constantly follow sound trends, know how to work with references, and know their craft very well. Of course, everything depends on the level of the producer and the price for a professional will be higher. But if you need new music, and for example, you’re an artist who tours a lot, a ghost producer is your savior in some way. Thanks to them you don’t miss out on gigs and you keep releasing music. Not releasing music on a  regular basis will make you lag behind other artists. Ghost production has already become an industry standard in some way and is an effective tool for promoting and developing artists around worldwide. So, use ready-made tracks or order a custom one, regardless of the stage of your artist career. Good luck!

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