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Looking for a Ghost Producer

Looking for a Ghost Producer


What are the questions to ask and appropriate qualities to check?

So, you realized that for a more rapid development of your career, you need the help of a professional. He should be well-aware of trends, has experience and be able to create the right track for you in a relatively short time. But how to choose the proper producer? In this very article we will cover a few essential issues and give you a help-hand so that you could choose the right producer professional for your future music track or, perhaps, even music album.
Let’s get started with the definition of the producers roles. A producer is a specialist who balances the artistic considerations with the technical aspects of the recording process with an intention to create a comparatively competitive product at the modern commercial market. You have to remember that a career is a complicated cocktail out of equal parts of musical knowledge necessity, historical context peculiarities and perception aspects.
In order to properly integrate all of the data mentioned, the producers have to demonstrate excellent multitasking abilities as well as be able to have several points of view to always remain rational and objective. Below you will find out the key questions to be set to a potential producer in order to help you to receive the proper candidate.

Crucial questions to the ghost producers


What does the producer’s working style look like?

You will definitely want to know this information. The point is that if someone gets used to working 12 hour shifts on weekends in some Hollywood studios with large scale consoles, but you are best at work in an intimate home environment, you will not be comfortable in your common collaborating. Find out the studios they usually work in, whether they have access to rehearsal space, and the preferred typical project timing and pace.

What are their musical education and preferences?

You have to keep an eye for the genres that producers are keen on. Ask if they play any musical instruments or if they know other styles than those ones you are already familiar with. Versatility is a gold treasure when it comes to text writing, song making and inspiration. For example, only the producer who is comfortable with both alternative rock music and soul grooves, can suggest a creative way of shaping your recording to a competitive edge.

What was the music or artist the producer was listening to recently?

Music production is an ever-changing and twisting craft that requires to be constantly studied. The producer should always listen to music trends, both old and new, stay tuned, be a master of his trade and the expert of the core genre. Of course, you want to know the types of sounds causing hype and the direction such a professional could push you in.

Does a producer have a clout at a music label, film studios, advertising agency or radio stations?

It seems obvious and silly sometimes, but many artists are really afraid to ask this question. The reason is stupid as well – they fear to appear too hungry for success. To tell the truth, any serious producer should have clout at necessary music institutions to help them hear your music. The perfect producer could ideally balance your creative endeavors with the marketing prowess just to your project with no painful efforts.
Once you’ve got a full understanding of the producer’s experience, it’s high time to pay precise attention to his personality traits.

What personal qualities should a producer possess?


The ability to hear

If you’re interviewing a candidate who talks more about his own finished projects thand doesn’t ask about yours, he is likely not going to give you the attention you really deserve. The proper producer will make you feel like you are the only star he currently works with and you are the one to be paid with the maximum attention (even if the producer is actually engaged in several projects at once).

Focusing on your potential

As an artist, you should stay away from producers who want to make a name just for themselves or promote their brand using your talent. You need a producer who shows his understanding of the music industry and modern trends. Moreover, he would not try to sell you by a bunch of chatting about the tons of information he possesses. Mind the important point: the producer’s job is to constantly bring out the best out of your personality instead of highlighting his own success.


The producer has to realise the list of challenges in the path of record making – both physical load  and mental and emotional stress. Nevertheless, producers are that sort of people who gather it all together, enforce deadlines, and keep track of all processes. You need someone who likes recognizing weaknesses and is quick enough to overcome obstacles. Ask your producer to tell you about the situations he faced in previous projects that hindered his success and how he overcame them.

The producer should encourage you to improve and develop

When you try to make your own piece of music and you do not have the necessary experience yet, the producer could give you a hand to create a real product  (or even masterpiece) from your idea. When a producer hears your material you are going to work with and make a successful track out of it, he should be able to immediately provide you with detailed feedback on what he sees in you as an artist and what you are missing to succeed.
A good producer will be able to recognize a hit from a humble demo, and you need to be sure that the person you choose has good hearing. It is very important to find a producer who tactfully expresses an honest opinion because this will motivate you to grow as an artist. Negative feedback is not always easy to digest, so you need to find a producer who does not force you to give up, but rather gives you the guidance and advice you need.

A feeling of passion

Imagine, that as an artist, you have decided to make music a great part of your life and you have made certain sacrifices along the way to make your dreams come true. It is crucial that your producer genuinely loves music and has sincere faith in you. You need a producer who is excited about your progress and wants to give life to your recording. Of course, that is a list of qualities for a perfect professional producer. But still pay attention to the producer who is interested in your success, and not just wants to release a track for you according to your references and get paid for it.

Easy way or quick method

There is also a comparatively faster way to get a read-made track. You could use the store of ready-made tracks of ghost producers. The thing is that you do not need to wait for the producer to write a track or waste your time on interviews and specialist selection process. All you need is to look through the track catalog, choose the one you like, pay for it and immediately get all the rights to it.

Not every ghost producer possesses the above mentioned qualities and skills. As a matter of fact, well experienced producers of commercially successful recordings usually have them. Nevertheless, every self-respecting ghost producer is eager to become better, develop and improve. So keep a fixed eye on the points we described above. If your potential candidate has the relevant experience, qualities and skills, take a closer look at him. Perhaps he is your boarding ticket to success.