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Famous DJs about Ghost Producers and Ghost Production


The topic of ghost producers is one of the most talked about in dance music. If you do not quite understand the essence of the term, the producer writes music for the artist and does not receive any authorship or recognition, only a fee for the work performed. One of the noisiest news was the situation with DJ Mat Zo. It all started after a retweet that lists artists using their work as ghost producers.

DJ Mag asked Top 100 artists what they think about DJs using ghost producers.



Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Indeed, DJs sometimes have to seek help from other professionals to help produce or create music. This applies to all genres of music. If such help improves the overall result, then it should be so. In this case, each participant must be deservedly rewarded.


Armin van Buuren

Armin said that he never used a ghost producer in his work and it is incorrect when a track is named after a person who did not participate in its creation.


David Guetta

These are two different things – ghost production and teamwork. When everyone is busy with their own business, they are paid and respected.



It’s okay if you work with a ghost producer and don’t hide it. If you try to keep quiet about it, it doesn’t look good.



Not every singer writes songs for himself. Not every DJ writes tracks for himself. Music carries a deeper meaning than a single track.


Andrew Rayel

I’m not happy with this. I have no respect for an artist who is not using his art.


Markus Schulz

It seems to me that it is not difficult to determine who the author of the track is – the artist himself or someone who wrote this track for the artist.


Carl Cox

You should protect what you are doing, not hide behind someone else.


Laidback Luke

I have nothing against this. The person who brings the mail is not responsible for the contents of the package.


Flux Pavilion

It’s no surprise that people are better at one thing than others. And if someone asks a person to do a certain job, in which he is better, then this is normal.




Previously, no one spoke much about the ghost producers and the DJs kept secret information about the use of “ghosts”. And when information appeared that someone was using this kind of producer, a scandal began.

Later, several famous DJs publicly said they were using ghost producers. Other DJs said that their career began as a ghost producer for a label. But even today, when it has become so popular and acceptable, it is still not a very good idea.

This phenomenon is not likely to go anywhere. There is definitely a reason for this. Apparently, the DJ does not have time to write music, because he has a lot of performances, or not enough talent to create quality music. On the part of the “ghosts” – this is some kind of support for the artists, for which they simply receive a fee. DJs no longer need to create their own art.

Someone likes to create tracks for their own career, while others like to write music for other DJs more without the expectation of becoming super famous. It is important to find a balance in such work so that everyone is happy.

Working as a ghost producer can generate thousands of dollars in income, or even tens of thousands of dollars if you’ve written a track for a famous DJ. Today, artists tour a lot, they don’t have a lot of free time and the services of third-party producers have already become the standard.


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