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Ghost Production Shop

Ghost Production Shop

At our online store, You will be able to buyGhost Produced Tracksfor every taste. Let’s have a virtual tour…

Search form

Here you may type in the name of the track that You liked and find it (this form is created so that you could find the composition that you might have seen on one of your pages on social media)

Search form ghost production shop

Search form


 Super Salebutton

Having clicked it, You will be able to go to theSuper Sale sectionwhere all the tracks introduced on the page are sold with a discount (this will allow you to pick a composition according to Your budget). The prices start from $199 per one track.

Super sale button ghost production

Super sale button



Having clicked it, You will be redirected to thePremium sectionwhere we published the tracks that we find the most quality ones and that contain the coolest ideas. The prices of such compositions are maximal ones at our store.

Premium button ghost production shop

Premium button


Hide Sold

Having ticked in this form, You will be able to hide all the tracks that have already been sold (it will allow you to concentrate only on available tracks).

Hide Sold button Ghost Production

Hide sold tracks


Type of DAW

In this form, you will be able to choose the tracks written in this or another program, in particular:

Type of Daw Ghost Production shop

Type of Daw



The form using which you will be able to filter the tracks (in this particular case,the newest compositionswill be displayed to you).

Newest Ghost Production Shop

Newest tracks


Low to High (High to Low)

Here you will have a chance to sort the products from lowest to the highest price, or vice versa.



Also, we would like to point out that this page includes all the tracks of all genres that we have. So, if You are a fan of a specific style, then you need to go to theGenres sectionand choose the one that is your favorite.

Card Product

  • Each track has got its own card that contains the cover. Having clicked it, You will hear this song playing. The card will tell you about the genres this composition is written in.
  • Infobutton: click it, and you will go to the page of the track where you can read all the information about this composition.
  • The price of the track.
  • Button ‘Buу:after clicking it, you will be redirected to the checkout section where you can proceed to the purchase.

Card product Ghost Production shop

Card product

We will be glad if You become one of our customers and we will move in one direction together. Let our tracks bring You success and numerous fans. Have nice and stunning performance.