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Phonk Ghost Production

I am Ghost Producer – the solution you’ve been searching for! Are you tired of endlessly browsing the internet for quality Phonk production? Or are you hoping to discover talented trap ghost producers who can take your DJ career to the next level? Look no further because our platform has got you covered. We specialize in producing music in various EDM genres, including Phonk ghost production, ensuring that you receive only top-notch and authentic sounds. Browse through our collection of hot tracks and shop online from anywhere.

Features of the genre

Phonk is a type of music that blends hip-hop, techno, and funk components. Its defining characteristic is the usage of samples from vintage records, giving the music a retro sound. Phonk’s rise to popularity among young people in the United States and Europe occurred in the 2010s. Heavy bass lines and slow tempos are often used in Phonk to produce a lively mood with aggressive energy. Additionally, the vocal and sample harmonies are crucial components of Phonk.

Famous producers in Phonk Music:

Some well-known Phonk artists and DJs include Kordhell, MoonDeity, Hensonn, and Slowboy.