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Drum & Bass
Production from "I am Ghost Producer"

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Drum and Bass Ghost Production

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Have you ever thought of taking your career to a whole new level? If you had a chance to implement this idea, would you do that? If you’re giving a positive answer, why not try the services of drum and bass production provided by our company? We’re a team of skillful producers composing hot dance songs. There’re hundreds of impressive instrumentals on our website where you can listen to them or purchase in the shop online. Also, if you need, you may ask our drum and bass ghost producer about the process.

The features of this music genre

Drum and bass is a genre of electronic dance music that leads its history since the early 1990s. It was influenced by reggae and breakbeat. As it goes from the name, kicks, and basses (sub-basses and 808s) are very important here. D&B uses a lot of samples, beat drops, and may include several rhythms at once (syncopation). Also, it has a fast tempo — 160-180 beats per minute.

Famous Artists and Dj’s in Drum & Bass music:

  • Andy C
  • Goldie