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Deep House / Melodic
Production from "I am Ghost Producer"

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Deep house ghost production

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Thinking about quick ways to boost your career as a DJ? Or looking for a deep house ghost production service you can rely on? I am Ghost Producer is here to help. Our musicians work in a range of different styles, so if you’re interested in deep house, ghost producers can easily implement your ideas or offer some ready-made tracks. Our clients know that only the best and unique sounds are used in our deep house production. That is why we have a final top-quality product.

What makes deep house special?

Having developed from the house, deep house has light and deeply atmospheric sounds (however, with the use of complex chords) that differ it from other music genres. Also, this harmonious music is composed using reverb, melodic vocals and muted bass sounds which give it a special soft sounding. Some artists also add piano solos to the tracks. The BMP ranges: about 110-125 per minute.

Famous Artists and Dj’s in Deep House / Melodic music:

  • Hot since 82
  • Nora en pure