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Hardstyle / Jumpstyle
Production from "I am Ghost Producer"

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Hardstyle / Rawstyle Ghost Production

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Need a quality track that will help to bring you fame? Have you looked through many websites, but still couldn’t find the style you need? Or maybe you want an extra song to include in EP? At I am Ghost Producer platform you can find that! Besides hardstyle/rawstyle production, there’re also many tracks of other EDM genres. Having chosen a category, you may listen to them. Shop online and buy hot instrumentals at a good price. Feel free to ask a ghost producer about hardstyle/rawstyle and reconcile the details.

More about these genres

Hardstyle has been known since the late 1990s. It started developing in the Netherlands. The genre has deep sounding with the use of distortion, reversed bass lines. BPM is about 140-150 a minute. While rawstyle is a variation of hardstyle that is characterized by dark melodies and punchy kicks. When it comes to sound, artists working in rawstyle are quite experimental. They use new ways that influence the sound.

Famous Artists and Dj’s in Hardstyle / Jumpstyle music:

  • Spitnoise
  • Danny Avila
  • Dvbbs
  • Headhunterz
  • Korsakoff
  • Angernoizer