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Future House
Production from "I am Ghost Producer"

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Ghost Production of Future House

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Having a difficult time creating a future house track? Do you spend a lot of time trying to find a powerful, yet melodic track you can use in a work of DJ? Whatever your reason is, a leading platform I am Ghost Producer can help you with future house ghost production! On the website there are published by our ghost producers future house tracks. Nevertheless, you may get in touch with them to create a new one. The service cares about its name, so in our future house production we use only original and quality sounds. Check out our online shop to get top songs at low prices!

What makes future house special?

In the 2010s in the UK this genre developed from house. It combines the features of UKG, deep house. DJ Tchami and Oliver Heldens are the brightest representatives of the genre. Future house has got muted melodies, FM basslines and drops, so DAWs are used. The tempo is usually 120-130 BPM.

Famous Artists and Dj’s in Future House music:

  • Brooks
  • Don Diablo
  • Lyd
  • Mike Williams
  • Oliver Heldens