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Are you a newbie in the DJing sphere and music producing generally? Are you looking for a magnetic track that would bring you recognition on the music scene? Luckily, you’ve come to the right website! I am Ghost Producer service is the place where you can buy hot EDM tracks of many genres including a psy trance ghost producers are fond of. Frequent sales, quality sounds and only top tracks on sale! Listen to our songs and check out psy trance productions we’ve been offering.

What makes it special?

Psy trance, where psy stands for psychedelic, is one of the variations of trance (particularly, Goa trance). It emerged in Goa in the early 1990s. The genre is much loved by those like a psychedelic experience. It uses abstract melodies with a lot of layering to provide a special effect and the use of all kinds of leads that are being changed every 8 bars. Bass with its rhythms is also significant. The BPM of psy trance is 135-150 beats a minute; however, it may be increased up to 300.

Famous Artists and Dj’s in Psy Trance music:

  • Avalon
  • Ranji
  • Pettra
  • Astrix
  • Ritmo
  • Sajanka
  • Skazi
  • Captain Hook