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Techno Ghost Production

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Going from one website to another to find that very special track you were looking for? Trying to come across techno ghost production in order to add one more amazing track to your album? With the help of the leading music platform I am Ghost Producer you can easily do that! We offer producing tracks in different EDM genres, so if you want to get one in techno, ghost producers will deal with this task. The main principles of our techno production are only top sounds and hot tracks which you can buy at a good price.

The features of techno

This popular EDM genre appeared in the 1980s in Detroit, but even today it’s a must-have at any rave party. It’s produced by artists using juicy electronic sounds, synths and sequencers due to which it often has kind of retro sound. The BPM of techno is 120-150 beats per minute. The tracks are quite repetitive and the use of loops is prevailing here. 909 and 808 drum machines are here in use as well.

Famous Artists and Dj’s in Techno music:

  • Amelie Lens
  • Charlotte de Witte
  • Daniel Avery
  • Deborah de Luca
  • Enrico Sanguliano
  • Marika Rosa