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Future Rave
Production from I am Ghost Producer

Future Rave

Always be in trends thanks to fresh tracks in new styles

We constantly follow the novelties and tendencies of a musical world and try to implement them in new tracks, so that our buyers of ghost production tracks could be among the first to have music of a ‘new wave’.

Features of Future Rave

Its significant sounding ‘future rave’ received due to David Guetta & Morten, who in the mid of 2019 introduced their first co-operative work. As David Guetta claims, they wanted to create music which would be sexual, energetic as EDM, with atmosphere of techno and emotions of trance genres. As a result of this music experiment, the new movement appeared later called ‘future rave’. Do you want to be a part of a new wave? Then use our service and choose among numerous quality works from our ghost producers.

Famous Artists and Dj’s in Future Rave music:

  • David Guetta