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Funky House / Disco
Production from "I am Ghost Producer"

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Funky House / Disco House ghost production

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Funky House. What is that?

The style appeared in the USA in the mid-1980s and is a subgenre of house. In tracks the elements of funk, jazz, disco, and other similar styles are used. The tempo of funky house music differs: about 120-130 BPM. Swing is often involved, and a great variety of percussions (claps, hats) and ethnic instruments (conga, bongo) are there, too. The bass lines are performed on synths or a live bass is used. In addition to that, one can hear wah-wah effect on guitar, Rhodes, and other effects.

Disco House. What is that?

This style uses synthesized sounds reminding of live instruments of disco era: these are a trumpet, saxophone, guitar, piano. The drum section is built on the basis of house music, the tempo range is 110 to 125 BPM. Also, there’re a lot of deep house effects in tracks of this style.