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Reggaeton / Moombahton
Production from "I am Ghost Producer"

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Reggaeton / Moombahton ghost production

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Features of Reggaeton genre

The style was born in Puerto Rico and during the next several years started gaining popularity in North America and Europe. Reggaeton is the combination of Jamaican musical influence of reggae and dancehall as well as Latin American bomba, plena, and, surely, hip-hop. The recitative uses the mix of Spanish and English languages, which is also called Spanglish.

Features of Moombahton genre

It’s a combination of House and Reggaeton genres being created in Washington by an American producer and DJ Dave Nada back in 2008. The style features prolonged bass lines with dramatic elements, synths from rave music, and a cappella from rap music’ samples. The general tempo is 100-128 BPM.